What is love for her child?

Blonde bully.And hitryuschie brown eyes.Mom leaned over the crib and never ceased to admire: - My daughter, how the baby house just like you!Just spitting image!My husband took the birth of a son with a childish delight.He jokingly demanded that we called him "Daddy," jumped to the child during the night and could not carry it on their hands from evening till morning.Anton of four years old, when our life changed one hundred eight to ten degrees.On that day, the three of us were walking in a city park.Around galdeli children and birds, is picturesquely situated on the lawns of small groups of travelers.Idyll!Antoshka was holding my husband's hands.Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks.We both leaned to her son what had happened, dear?Antoshka, fascinated, could not take his eyes off the tall man of athletic build.He was standing right in the middle of the mall and someone excitedly talking on a cell phone.Why does a guy so intrigued by his son, because he was quite familiar to us?Antoshka escaped, ran to th
e boy, threw back his head and shouted with joy the stranger's face: - Hi, Dad!The boy blinked, tore his hand with mobile ear and blushed terribly.Next to me I was covered with a thick crimson wave Shreds, my husband and father vsamdelishny Antoshka.I would have laughed off an incredible children's antics!
I have found thousands of inoffensive for Shred explanation Antoshkin act, but ... standing next to Tolia with undisguised hatred and looked at me.No secret thoughts!All out!

and I read in his eyes: «You ... You lied to me for so many years!Antoshka - not my son!Perhaps you met this handsome secretly brought to him a son!Such a shame!And I believed you.How could you ?! »
- Anatoly!You're completely crazy!- My husband whispered sharply.
- What do you mean?- He asked willfully naive.- I do not understand you!
I did not have time to answer.Antoshka took the athlete's hand and shouted to us:
- Mom!Dad!I'm a little like this Pope in the park!Okay?
boy smiled sheepishly and shrugged.On the benches frozen gossip, with interest watching the boy with two dads and totally stunned mother.I opened his mouth, but I heard a voice next to Shred:
- only briefly!We'll get you to your mother about this Dubkov wait!Antoshka stranger pulled down the alley, and I jerked nervously behind them.
- Where are you going?- Sarcastically asked the husband hurts grabbed my arm.
- crazy or what?- I asked in exasperation.- I do not know that this is Antoshka found, but you're a grown man!Now standing stump, and our son with a stranger guy goes to an unknown destination!And if it is stolen ?!Or does he get lost ?!
- Why is a stranger?- Angrily asked Tolia.- Apparently, they are quite common.I understand that in your plan was not to introduce me to the real father of Anton.But then fate brought about changes slightly.
- Brad some!- I was shaking like a fever.- Let go of my hand!I go to the child, and you can hang around here and think out on his idiotic fabrications!Oh you!

I thought that we so trust
, to each other, that no stupidity could not shake it!Naive as I was wrong!Shreds devilish smile, suddenly opened his hand, and I stepped back, lost his balance.The husband abruptly turned and walked away."Okay, let's talk at home!Not up to it now!Idiot miserable!- Pounding in my head.- It is necessary for the baby house run! "I caught up with his little son, and the athlete at the end of the alley.
- Mom!- Joyfully shouted Anton.- Now I'll introduce you!This pope is called Peter!It - basketball!
- not basketball, and basketball - I corrected his son and added: - It's time to go home!Say goodbye to the uncle.Then I apologized for his son a long time before a guy and finally unhinged bully stole home.We walked slowly, and I gently inquiring kid:
- Sonny!Why are you suddenly this big man called the Pope?- Because he - my dad!- Meet my child in kindergarten prostodushno.- show us the picture, and all the dads out there tall as Peter!But bald no - no!
- Mom and Dad live with their children together - I suddenly lost all the arguments.- And all other men - strangers, and they are not children of the Pope.
- Peter So let us live - did not give up Antoshka.- Will be good?
- No!All children one father and one mother!Did you pick Pete?What's your real dad?He loves you so!After all, he upset!
- I love it, too, Mommy - confessed tomboy.- Even greater Petit.

With that we doplelis home. Shreds sat in front of the computer and all kind of showed incredibly busy.
- Dad!- Anton shouted from the doorway.- You just do not worry!I love you more Petit!Honestly, most honorable!
- Oh, right!His name is Peter!- I muttered the husband.- A mother like it too?
- Mom says you though bald, but home!- Issued Antoshka.
- I wanted vstryat this meaningless dialogue, but said nothing.
- and often you meet with Peter?- Shreds inquired.
- often!- Blurted baby house, and my heart rolled in the heel.
Damn it, because children's stupidity can collapse a normal family.My husband jumped nervously paced the room, then he sat down on his haunches in front of her son and asked quietly:
- Where did you meet him?
- Dad, well, the picture - sincerely confessed Antoshka.- Good picture, very beautiful!
- Do you have his picture?
- You photographed together with him?Yes?- I am trying to decipher my Shreds.
- Well, how are you, Dad, blunt!- Clasped palms son.- The picture in the book!There are both dad and mom!And my son!Whole family!
- Show me this picture!- I asked the husband.Antoshka furrowed brows and began rummaging through a box of books.Finally, the light of God has been removed tonyusenkaya booklet.Antoshka opened it, leafed through and then poked his chubby finger.
- Here - I am!Here - Dad!But - my mother!- I say seriously.We are with a bit bent over a book while gasped.With the pictures we looked at the boy - an exact copy of our fair-haired and brown-eyed Antoshka.
No wonder that little boy felt that he depicted in the book.Next to a toddler happily bared his teeth tightly knit tall dad and tidy as bun, smiling mother.Son looked thoughtfully into the book, frowning and commented: - I - correct!As in the book!And you, Dad, incorrectly painted.Do you have some bald.And my mom, we thin!Not like it!Do not tidy at all!Strange somehow.True?
- Mom, we - what we need!- Relieved Shreds.- This is my son, the wrong book!Well, I laugh!
- I thought that the children can have both parents present, and bookstores.However, Peter is like the pope from the book?
- like!- We said in unison.
- A mother suitable for some reason did not come across - confessed son.

It was then, and I jumped in the chest unpleasant .Maybe we are doing something wrong, if our baby house is looking for a book my father and mother?When the little boy fell asleep, we Tolik poshushukalis all night, but he could not understand that we do.A son of the morning he gave us the answer to all our questions.- If only you and I were still the same parents, I would sometimes go to visit them, and I would miss you.You - home!What do you think: maybe that's why I'm in the picture so sad?Cape husband rushed to the ill-fated book.Exactly!At the very tall drawing dad and mom muffins sad little boy.The next day we threw the book on the farthest bookcase.But since then, when we as a family walking in the park, I have long shied away from all pyshnenkih women and Tolia looked askance at all the tall men.But Antoshka accompanied indifferent eyes of potential book moms and dads.He seems quite happy with the real parents.And now we are all very happy ...