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Lighten Hair cinnamon

Cinnamon is obtained from the evergreen cinnamon tree (lat.Cinnamomum verum).Homeland cinnamon - Sri Lanka, China and South India.Thanks to its exquisite flavor, it deserves honor and respect among people of all continents.By the way, due to the different places of origin of cinnamon was divided into two classes - Chinese and Ceylon.It is believed that Ceylon has a pungent odor.

Properties cinnamon
Beauties ulterior motive of antiquity chose this spice for their own improvement, because in addition to the exotic spicy smell of cinnamon can bring huge benefits.The addition of a seasoning in food help to cope with obesity.Tea with cinnamon is a great substitute for drugs headache.It also can help relieve stress and fatigue, will take you from the cold.The aroma of cinnamon improves performance and memory.In addition, cinnamon has the magical property - promotes sexual attraction.And that's not all the qualities glorified miracle spice.

lighten hair cinnamon
With cinnamon ladies of ancient Rome clar
ified his curls.Even then, women wanted to ensure that their hair could eclipse the sun and became a blonde.And then, and now it brought lightening the hair and brings a lot of pleasure for a gentle half of humanity.Golden hair, no doubt, help to feel light and happy.

As it is not surprising, but under current conditions is also possible to lighten hair with cinnamon.Moreover, the procedure will bring tremendous benefits to the hair and scalp.However, do not adjust to instant results.Natural products, unlike chemical compounds act slowly but surely.Therefore, we must prepare for the painstaking, but very productive work.

Several procedures for the right recipe (about it later) will make your hair healthy, beautiful, soft and shiny.You can stop when you get the desired shade.Immediately after the first application of this method of dyeing hair color becomes lighter on 2-3 pitch - depending on your natural hair color and texture.

recipe for clarification of hair using cinnamon
  1. You will need: 4 tablespoons ground cinnamon, honey 100-150 ml, 250 ml hair conditioner.It is necessary to mix all the ingredients in a glass or ceramic container with a spoon or spatula (avoid metal cups and vanes in connection with the possible reaction of oxidation)
  2. necessary to wash the hair with shampoo.
  3. wooden comb hair comb and divide it into strands.Apply the mixture on your hair very carefully.
  4. After the application is necessary to cover the hair shower cap or plastic wrap, then roll up a towel.Leave on for 1-3 hours (the procedure is selected individually).
  5. At the appointed time, remove the towel and cap, wash the paint from the hair with warm water, comb hair comb small enough (cinnamon particles may remain).Staining procedure is complete.
effect will surpass your expectations - hair will be smooth, silky and soft.

will be interesting to complement the coloring process enjoyable moment of rejuvenation with the same cinnamon (the good time allows to pay attention to a pretty face).Boil half a teaspoon of cinnamon a glass of boiling water, leave for a while, that the composition of the present, add a spoonful of honey.Dampen a cloth the resulting liquid and place it on the face, hold 15 minutes.Rinse off with green tea is recommended.

Such are the miraculous nature gave us recipes.Use and enjoy, bring themselves to perfection!

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