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Cocktail "Mai Tai"

  • Jamaican rum - 60 grams
  • liquor "Triple Sec" - 15 grams
  • syrup "Orgita" - 30 grams
  • lime juice - 30 grams of crushed ice
  • - 200 grams cherry
  • mint - 1 Piece (for serving)

Just before cocktails squeeze lime juice - it is the guarantor of the right taste cocktail.The hardest thing to get almond syrup "Orgita", but it gives the flavor cocktail special charm.Neutral sugar syrup can not be replaced.But the "triple dry" liqueur with a bright citrus flavor, you can try to replace the citrus concentrate, or any citrus syrup.The main thing that this change did not alter the color of the cocktail.Take an old-fashioned glass with a thick bottom.Pour all ingredients into a cocktail, fill up to the top with crushed ice, garnish with a straw, cherry, mint leaves and serve your guests amazed.

Servings: 1

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