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Radish salad with sour cream

  • Radishes - 20 pieces
  • Chives - 100 grams
  • Sour cream 16% fat.- Article 5.spoons
  • Sol - - To taste

If you have kept up with the country radishes, do not forget to prepare a salad of radish and sour cream to not miss enjoying the taste of the young radishes in this great time of greens and vegetables!The recipe salad radishes with sour cream - a classic of the genre, nothing complicated in it, he must know each of you, but just in case - I will share the most, perhaps, a simple and classic version of this salad: 1. My radishes and green onions.We cut off the roots of radish, cut each radish into thin slices (if a large radish - can first half, and only then into slices).2. Green onions finely chop.3. In a bowl, mix the sliced ​​radishes and green onions, dressed with sour cream, salt to taste.Actually, that's all - a salad of radish with cream ready to serve.If desired, and the availability of ingredients, you can make a variety of salad to your liking - even add som

e fresh herbs, boiled egg, cucumber, cheese ... However, I prefer to stick to the recipe and cook simple but delicious salad.This - is a case where the best - the enemy good :) Good luck in cooking!

Servings: 4-5