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  • Well, when the godmother takes part in all the events of his godson, even if no personal presence, as gifts and attention.For the baptism of traditional gifts from the cross - baptismal clothing and a cross.But if all that is necessary for Baptism mother bought the baby, you can choose gifts for christenings, taking into account the wishes of the parents the child, for every budget and taste.
  • christening or newborn child up to 3 months you can give children an album or picture frame.If godson teething, the box is suitable for a first tooth or a silver spoon.In the year godson can give casket for the first curl to my mother for the child kept the 1st strand of hair clippings.
  • serious gift from the godparents will be a set of children's silverware or as separate items.Do not forget to engrave the name of his godson or goddaughter - always pleasant kind of gift.
  • christening in the tradition of Orthodoxy presented with an icon, and has grown to be a good gif
    t to his godson the Children's Bible with pictures.Solid and expensive gift for christening will be a deluxe edition, leather-bound Bible or the name of the icon in a silver frame.
  • always true gift goddaughter would bracelet or earrings for children and godson, you can choose a souvenir of silver or chain to cross.
  • mostly children baptized at the age of 1 year, at Epiphany will be a good gift - a tricycle or a walker.With their help, the child learns to walk, so congratulations to the child benefit.
  • for baptism can give children's books with lots of pictures.The child will examine them with interest and this gift he will remember for a long time.
  • To facilitate cash costs parental gifts on Epiphany should choose: you can buy clothes for the baby.The boy can pick up pants and a girl - a beautiful dress.Parents like such gifts as diapers, a set of bathing accessories, vests.
  • Most often guests at the christening just give money.On the one hand, it spoils the solemn moment violates customs, but on the other hand it is quite practical.Parents will be able to buy the necessary things a child who can not lie idle.
  • It would be the way to give your child for Baptism "amulet" - a small image of a protective guardian angel on the neck, for the apartment, and an icon of his Guardian Angel.In the old spiritual gift for the baby was measuring the icon, its patron saint.This icon was written in a child's growth on a special board, which was put next to the bed of the child so that he could communicate with his spiritual patron.

Godmother at least occasionally has to visit his godson, to remember it, to give toys to take an active part in his life, take care of it.It is the custom, and the sacred duty godmother.But only a few fulfill this duty, most ignored, is considered a mere formality, what is profoundly mistaken because an honest person does not allow to neglect and negligence of their duties in this sanctified, an important religious practice.

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