Harmful myths about herbal medicine

In fact, sometimes when the wrong approach to herbal medicine, the disease not only can not cure, but also the general health can deteriorate.Trying to cope with a problem, we simultaneously provoke the other, completely unaware of this.We recommend that you pay attention to some of the most harmful myths about the treatment of folk remedies that we meet through life.

Myth 1. All plants benefit

According to practice, things are not so simple.Certain types of plants have contraindications for use in a variety of ailments, there are some that can not be taken for a long period of time.For example, blueberries have excellent anti-inflammatory effect, but if you take it more than three days in a row, it can lead to the destruction of kidney tissue.There are natural resources and their derivatives, which are generally toxic in themselves.Only proper cooking of the drug has a positive effect.All have heard about the drug on the basis of mushroom, but the slightest error in its preparation can lead to dis

astrous outcome.

Myth 2. Effect of grass at all only positive

No, it is not so.There is a category of people who Phytotreatment generally contraindicated.For example, people with sleep disorders or mentally unstable during treatment with herbs can cause serious nervous system disorders.In this case, the myths about the treatment of folk remedies may seriously harm such people, and the degradation of the nervous system is often irreversible.

Myth 3. Herbs will not get any side effects

This is not always the case.Chronic administration of licorice, for example, rapidly begins to leach potassium from the body.But oregano is strictly contraindicated in pregnant women because it can cause miscarriage, even in small doses.

Myth 4. In the treatment of Herbs can not overdose

Dosage is always important.Even excess concentration of natural substances in the broth, for example, can cause serious problems.Especially if you treat people's means small children, long-term use of herbal complexes also often unsafe.The herbs contain many potent substances, so that the action is not to underestimate their worth.

Myth 5. herbs are safe for children

No, that's not true!Such harmful myths resulted in a hospital bed a lot of moms with kids.Of course, natural products chemistry is preferred for children, but it must be proven tools made by professionals.Better to buy herbal medicines in pharmacies - there they are made according to the technology tested and guarantee safety when used for the treatment of children.True, and this does not exclude the possibility of the baby's allergy to the components of the drug.

Myth 6. Garlic - useful, so eat it as much as possible

The first part of any claim.Garlic is really useful, in fact - is the only natural antibiotic.But when used in large quantities causes enormous damage to the intestinal microflora.How long have proven that consumption of garlic on an empty stomach can cause pain and even lead to long-term indigestion.But some categories of people (eg, ulcer, or liver disease) garlic generally contraindicated.

Myth 7. most effective remedy for colds are various herbal infusions

In practice, however, the common cold may be so different that the grass is not always able to cope with it.Alone there are several types of cough - dry, wet, cardiac, chronic asthmatic and so. D. Hardly any of us without the help of a doctor can accurately determine which disease is hidden behind the first signs of a cold.Without this it is impossible to think about effective herbal therapy.

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