The use of cocoa butter in the medical and cosmetic purposes

Cocoa butter is obtained from the seeds of the tree of chocolate hot-pressing technology.The initial squeeze as a solid consistency, while increasing the temperature to 35 ° C is melted.This property of cocoa butter gives us the opportunity to feel like a treat chocolate melts in your mouth, all the same body temperature above the temperature required to melt the butter.

Due to the content in its composition of linoleic and linolenic acids, vitamin F cocoa butter helps retain moisture in the skin and the regulation of fat metabolism.

Thus it becomes evident that oil is good for oily and dry skin types.In addition, vitamin F characterized by a pronounced recovery action is therefore necessary in the fight against wrinkles and aging skin.Polyphenols, as natural antioxidants, help to cope with stress and stressful situations.

Applying cocoa butter for medical purposes

aroma of cocoa butter is so delicious that is capable of performing miracles.Due to the fact that he is like the aroma of chocola

te, it is also able to evoke positive emotions, lift your mood.

Cocoa butter used effectively in cold-season events, t. To. Is an excellent preventive measure.If a daily basis to handle the nasal mucosa

cocoa butter, it will contribute to reduce the risk of infection by airborne droplets.However, if the flu or a cold is still caught, the cocoa butter will contribute to getting rid of the cough.It is recommended to prepare a cocoa drink as follows.Dissolve ½ teaspoon of cocoa butter to 0, 1 liter of warm milk.

Thanks to its property excretion of cholesterol from the body cocoa butter is recommended as an aid in the treatment of atherosclerosis.Take cocoa butter daily before meals for ½ teaspoon 2 times a day.

funds, which include cocoa butter, recommended rubbing and massage.These therapeutic action - prevention of a vast number of diseases.For example, bronchitis useful to perform massages of the chest.In addition to medical massage with cocoa butter can do and facial massage.

Applying cocoa butter for cosmetic purposes

Today, beauty salons, there are services that provide an opportunity to take a course of massage with special massage tiles.The composition of these rings include a variety of essential oils and, especially, cocoa butter.The popularity of these rings due to the fact that cocoa butter is present in their composition, is a solid substance having a certain shape.During contact with the hands and the body composition of instantly becomes oily liquid, easy to distribute over the surface of the body.Cocoa butter

great assistant in the fight against stretch marks.In addition, you can get rid of the other cosmetic defects (small scars, scars, skin injury).

Cocoa butter effectively applied at any time of the year.So in the winter in a frost it perfectly protects the skin from exposure to low temperatures, chapping, and eliminates peeling lips.During summer heat, especially during the summer season, cocoa butter helps to avoid contamination of the skin.The properties of the cocoa butter in the literal sense of the skin to help repel dirt and dust.It is recommended that before a possible collision with the dirt to put oil on the hands and feet.

Cocoa butter is also used for the care of damaged and aging skin, dry type.Its use significantly improves the condition of facial skin.Small wrinkles disappear and deep - made hardly noticeable.Skin care after her with cocoa butter becomes supple and elastic.If you do oil compresses, then these procedures will contribute to the elimination of "crow's feet" and "bags" under the eyes.

Cocoa butter is also recommended for hair care.It makes the hair more manageable, smooth and shiny, helps retain moisture in them.And if you mix the cocoa butter with rosemary oil, this composition will make your hair healthy.

Cocoa butter is not stored for more than three years at a temperature of 18 ° C and a relative humidity of less than 75%.