Properties and application of oil of celandine

Through cleaning action this oil treating various skin disorders, including skin irritation.Especially effective is the use of celandine in the pimples and acne.This oil is suitable even for babies, skin irritation which often have.Skin on which there is irritation, simply wipe with a cotton swab with oil.This will help to relieve irritation.Experts believe that it is absolutely safe for a small child.

Properties and application of celandine oil

Oil Celandine has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound healing and anti-allergic effect.Experts recommend the use of this remedy for many skin pathologies.For example, oil of celandine copes with psoriatic lesions, blisters, is very good for skin tuberculosis, and other pathologies.In addition to these achievements, this oil is useful when acne vulgaris, abrasions, microbial eczema, seborrhea.Oil properties are able to help even in such cases, in which the microflora is already resistant to antibiotics.Good results have been obtained in the t

reatment of polyps and papillomatosis.If you suffer from itching dermatosis, the healing oil of celandine come to the rescue, relieve itching and discomfort.Celandine has good antifungal and antiviral properties.Therefore, it can and should be used in the treatment of warts, herpes, multi-colored lichen.Specialists practicing the use of the oil, even in dentistry and gynecology.Dentists, for example, its use in periodontal disease.

Application oil celandine skin

also recommend the use of oil celandine beauticians.In particular, this oil is effective against peeling of the skin and the presence of her age spots.Furthermore, celandine enhances skin elasticity.The above-ground part of the plant used to treat a variety of diseases, the root is used much less frequently.Keep in mind that you can do celandine oil at home, not necessarily to buy it on the market or in the shop.How to do it?For starters, remember that you need to procure raw materials during the flowering herb.This period is in May-June.Collect plants need dry weather.Pay attention to those bushes that are in the shade, as they have great healing properties.Also, when you collect the plants, consider the lunar phase.There is a view that is gaining greater celandine healing properties and strength at a time when the moon is rising.Best time to collect celandine - is the early morning.It is necessary to make an incision in the plant about ten centimeters from the ground.Make sure that your face was covered with a gauze bandage or a handkerchief, and on his hands - gloves.

following procedure after collecting plants - is drying.Location Select a darkened, well ventilated.Spread evenly on the grass flat, clean surface and leave to dry.Regularly shift the plant, otherwise they may start to rot.In addition, it will accelerate the drying process and enable the medicinal liquid remain.With the right raw materials manufacture medicinal properties of celandine can be stored for three years.The storage of dried grass should be dry, grass, wrap in paper or gauze.Now tell how to properly prepare the oil for use outside of celandine.So, properly dried grass, and now it can be put into a container, make sure the glass and pour the oil on so much that it covers the grass a few centimeters higher.Before this oil must be heated for two hours on a water bath.The choice of oil is best to stay in the almond and peach, but, at least, is fine and sunflower oil.Following this, place the container with oil and herbs for 1 hour in a warm place, and then put it in a cool dark place, let it infuse for a week.Periodically shake the jar contents.A week should drain the oil and add the new pure oil (1: 1).The resulting oil celandine these actions should be stored in containers made of glass.The oil of this plant contains large amounts of nutrients.It alkaloids, essential oil, malic, citric acid, ascorbic acid, succinic acid, and vitamin A. The oil is recommended in order to remove corns, dark spots on the skin and warts.

use oil celandine against acne

against acne, this oil is very effective.However, take into account the fact that the application of oil celandine first time acne can be more.But eventually, they disappear altogether.

There are several ways to use oil without depending on the aim pursued.If you want to remove a wart or corn, then you can simply apply the oil on the affected area several times a day.If you have acne or irritation, it is recommended to apply oil for 10-15 minutes at the desired location, and then blot it with something.

This oil no contraindications, there is a probability of individual intolerance.This oil safely, so it can be applied even to children.