Prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease

There are at least two ways to get rid of this scourge.First a quick and reliable: surgically get rid of all the teeth and insert the plastic, as scientifically proven caries plastic does not eat.Proponents of this method can not read further.Another way to go forever.It demands of this sacrificial love for their own health.This - the system and the ongoing fight against tooth decay involving all modern scientific knowledge.

in the leftmost column of the table lists the main hazards for children's teeth.In short: if you are not in any way interfering with the life of microorganisms in your mouth, prefer food composed mainly of carbohydrates, do not care about a sufficient amount of fluoride in the body and behave this way on a daily basis for decades - caries is provided to you.The top line - actions that every civilized man seeks to counter decay.If you eat no more than five times a day, brush your teeth properly with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day after meals (to take into account all you n

eed to eat, even thrown into the mouth piece of candy), refer to the dentist not only for first aid in case of unbearable painbut also for the prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease, you almost do not leave chances for disease.

Interaction of hazards and preventive measures of caries





removes plaque, reduces the amount of germs

is less harmful conditions for microbial activity

stops the growth slows down and the livelihoods of the colonies of microbes


worsens conditions for the formation of carbohydrates plaque

controls the amount and duration of contact with the teeth sugar

impairs the processing of carbohydrates into acids in the mouth

deficit fluorine

partially aligned with local fluoro-prevention

products where there is a fluoro partially compensate its deficit

local and systemic prevention will eliminate the deficit fluorine

time exposures to the teeth

decreases continued exposure to minutes

reduces the number and aggressiveness of effects on teeth

extends resistance to aggressive tooth

Now consider each activity separately.

brushing. minimum necessary equipment - toothbrush and toothpaste.Take the brush of synthetic fibers, of medium hardness (soft brush - for children and seriously ill periodontal disease), and change it every three months - at least!The paste should be taken with fluorine.The fluorine content in the paste is measured in units of tricky "ppm".For children is better to take a paste with 500 ppm of fluoride for adults - 1500 ppm, 1500 - on the recommendation of a physician.Unfortunately, this is not always the best "ppm" on the packaging.So do not bother, but immediately consult with a specialist.As for the process of cleaning teeth, the conventional method takes about three minutes, cleaning equipment to better absorb under the supervision of a dentist.There are six main points:

1. The teeth should be cleaned on three sides (from the outside, from the inside and from the surface of the clamping).

2. Use three variants of the brush movements - the vertical (in the direction from the gums to the surface of the clamping), horizontal (not carried away in order not to erase enamel!), Circular (as from a gum).

3. Pay attention to not only the "facade", but the teeth that are not visible during smile.

4. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day, after breakfast and after dinner.

5. Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that an additional need to use a toothpick, dental threads, but the technique is also better to use them to study under the supervision of a dentist.The main thing - to avoid fanaticism and not injure the gums.Floss or thread should slide over the surface of a tooth, and not directly exposed to interdental gum.

6. Remember, any consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, or use chewing gum can not be an alternative to brushing your teeth!

Nutrition. Scientists from the WHO recommend eating five times (breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, dinner), balanced eat meat, dairy products, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.The most dangerous for the teeth is refined sugar.But do not think that if you drink coffee and tea without sugar, you have no need to waste time on dental hygiene.Unsafe in terms of caries are almost all products except cheese, meat and oil, but last we usually drink bread or anything else.This means that after just any food in your mouth creates a dangerous situation, get rid of which can only be ... Yes, yes, by performing all the same hygiene procedures.Chew anything for the whole day - the fastest way to meet not only overweight and atherosclerosis, but also tooth decay.

Fluoro-prevention. There is nothing less that the prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease.She is a local and systemic.Local preventing you do when brushing your teeth or flossing toothpaste with fluoride.Specialists dentists will add here still use toothpaste with fluoride, fluoride varnish and fluoride-protectors.If you do not want to quickly lose teeth, local methods of prevention have to use throughout their lives.The effectiveness of it is the same in children and the elderly.If you care not only about themselves but also about their children and want them to have lost teeth never necessary to carry out preventive maintenance system - the use of fluoride to food, including products artificially enriched with fluorine.It is marine products, fluoridated salt, milk, bread, mineral water, fluoride tablets and syrups.That children under the age of ten years, and in women during pregnancy prevention system is the most effective.

This systematic work under the leadership of the state in Northern Europe has led to the fact that not every dental clinic patients can find there - people have healthy teeth!It remains only to add that the methods of fluoride prophylaxis is also better adjusted individually, together with a specialist.If you during the day drink a large amount of water, as then spend it with (hot shop), you just need to pick up a drink like mineral water with fluoride.If you have a kidney infection, do not get involved fluoro-pills.By the way, the use of fluoridated salt - one of the safest methods.But if the doctor has advised you to limit the use of common salt, the same applies to its fluorinated alternatives.

So you have a real chance to smile to a great age their teeth.Of course, if you do not just read this article and immediately forgot about it, and armed with the knowledge, active, followed by the minutes, including the struggle for their own health.Own multiple teeth better than any artificial, and much cheaper.Leave prosthetists without work!