Guidelines for the preservation of reproductive health of women

Responsible sexuality, lifestyle - all this largely determines what state will be in your reproductive system.As a consequence, it affects the quality and stability of relationships in your family and on health in general.

early as childhood and adolescence creates the basis of our reproductive health, so it is important to monitor the condition of the organism, and if necessary, do not hesitate to turn to specialists for help.First, this function lies with the parents, and then we are taking the baton for the care of your body.It is widely believed that only a healthy woman can give birth to a healthy baby.But there is evidence that out of 100 couples who can not have children, 40-60% of cases, this situation is due to male infertility, which can be caused by infections, sexually transmitted diseases, the impact on men's health to adverse environmental conditions,bad habits and environments.Therefore, family planning to reproductive health of men also plays a big role.

specialists specialized health

centers or family planning centers performed a full examination of both men and women, and in case of health problems, treatment is prescribed.In these centers, the most attention is paid to means of prevention of unwanted pregnancy and abortion, as well as psychological counseling women not to take hasty decisions about abortion because of the impact of failures in life, and strong temporary emotional outbursts.Keep in mind that the reproductive health affects everything in your life: stress, age-related changes, improper nutrition, sex life and how do you protect yourself, even though you feel OK, and you are not tangiblereason for referral to a specialist.And in the case where there is any question about your health, it is better to contact the professionals, and not to trust the arguments of friends or girlfriends.

Recommendations made to preserve the reproductive health of women:

  1. note that the optimal age for the birth of a child or several - is 20-35 years.Experts have evidence that when a woman becomes pregnant, sooner or later, the process itself can cause more complications that affect the violation of health of mother and baby.Not too much in a hurry with the birth of the child, but not strongly tighten.
  2. Recommended intervals between births must be at least 2-2.5 years, since it gives a woman the opportunity to recuperate, preserve the health and future of their children.
  3. Experts say that an abortion - this is the most dangerous method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, this makes sense to avoid it, using modern methods of contraception.
  4. If, however, the pregnancy, and the decision to have an abortion, the woman should be referred to a doctor for the shortest time possible, because it reduces the risk of complications during and after the abortion.
  5. there are chances of getting pregnant after birth or abortion before they come first menstruation.Before resuming sexual life, is to choose a contraceptive method that is right for you, and is reliable.
  6. common cause of infertility, men and women may be infections that are sexually transmitted.In identifying such they should be treated as early as possible, without wasting time and do not hesitate to his illness.
  7. If you do not plan to in the near future to have a child, you think over such an important moment, as contraception.It eliminates the extra excitement and anxiety, promotes a more harmonious sexual life, and helps to avoid unwanted problems.