Recommendations doctors visit saunas, baths

Today, almost every house has a shower, a bath with hot and cold water.But these benefits can not replace the bath - the perfect training facility thermoregulatory responses, most effectively strengthens and hardens our body.Short-term exposure to extreme heat and cold enhance a person's ability to endure the weather changes easily and prevent disease.

plus a good bath

important factor in bath is the effect of high temperature (60-100 °), air and water.In doubles, such as human tissue to take additional amounts of heat and sometimes heated to 45-50 ° (on the skin).With the heating of the surface layers is increased and the temperature of the blood, thereby increasing blood filling of the vascular bed muscle, skin, acceleration of blood flow 3-5.Thus from then lost large amounts of fluid and salts, which can lead to overheating.Therefore it is necessary to know the functionality of the organism, depending on sex, age, level of fitness.

very important to properly exit the deep heating to the origina

l state.People are full of, for example, are cooled more slowly than thin, and the loss of fluid in the body of each individual.Significant loss of sweat essential trace elements can lead to a feeling of weakness, heaviness in the head, the appearance of pain in the calf muscles.These losses need to compensate reception digestible plant infusions and mineral water.We must remember that air Jarraud procedures to take better lying down, followed by rest for at least 15-30 minutes.

Women grass

As recommended by doctors, particularly careful when visiting the sauna bath should be women due to physiological characteristics of an organism.They advisable initially placed on the bottom shelf, change the position of the body every 2-3 minutes.When the sweat on the body can be considered as the first period of adaptation of the organism to the pair finished - it is necessary to move to the first intermediate cooling, which usually lasts about 10-15 minutes.You can then proceed to a deep heating body sitting on the first or second shelf.Between calls in a steam room should take infusions of medicinal plants (150-200 mm).Very good, for example, a fee (in grams):

1. Melissa officinalis, the herb - 25.

2. Rosehip cinnamon, fruit (crushed) - 50.

3. Blueberries ordinary fruit - 50.

4. A series of tripartite, grass - 30.

5. Blackcurrant, leaves, fruit - 50.

6. Hawthorn blood-red flowers and fruits - 50.

7. Rowan common, the fruits - 50.

8. Blackberry blue-gray, the tops of plants -30.

2-3 tbspuppers collection brew 500 ml of boiling water, tormented 30 minutes.Filter, add honey and lemon to taste and take in the form of heat in small sips, enjoying the aroma and taste.

After the second warm-up recommended in the steam cooling water (at water temperatures below 25 °) lasting 1-2 minutes (but it depends on individual tolerance).After the third visit to the steam room should rest for 20-30 minutes, drink the infusion of herbs or fresh berries and fruits.Suitable a multivitamin infusion:

1. Hawthorn blood-red fruit - 50.

2. Blueberries ordinary fruit - 50.

3. Rosehip cinnamon, crushed fruit - 50.

4. Rowan common, the fruits -50.

5. Blackcurrant fruit - 50. 4-5 tbspmixture pour 500 ml of boiling water, simmer for 20-30 minutes.Strain.Used in the form of heat.

Secure steam

It should be noted that you should always observe the safety of the sauna bath.If someone has fainted from overheating, it must immediately bring in a cool room, put on a flat surface and provide fresh air.You can give a sniff of cotton wool with ammonia.Be sure to call the doctor.

especially need to be careful in baths with small children, as their thermoregulatory system is far from perfect.Contraindication to baths and saunas in gynecology and obstetrics are only acute inflammatory diseases, conditions after recent surgeries, complications of pregnancy, cancer, the presence of benign tumors.

advised doctors not to visit bath and sauna for people with active inflammation of internal organs, in the presence of epilepsy, cancer, circulatory insufficiency II A higher degree of coronary artery disease with angina pectoris after myocardial infarction (if less than 6 months), and hypertensiondisease II B and III stages, mitral stenosis, bronchial asthma with frequent attacks, infectious diseases in the acute period.

What good sauna

in recent years in our country began to make extensive use of saunas.Sauna affects the rights from the very first minute of your stay in it, it has an impact on the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, internal organs, including kidneys, causes a change in the secretion of hormones in the homeostasis of fluids and other indicators.

Positive therapeutic effect has a sauna and women with gynecological diseases due to activation of endogenous systems.Typically, such women, we further recommend that the reception of herbs that have anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, analgesic, sedative, multivitamins and normalizing metabolism effect.

Recipe number 1

Calendula officinalis, flowers - 30.

camomile, flowers - 30.

uliginose grass - 40.

Wintergreen rotundifolia, grass - 20.

oat, corn -50.

Celandine grass - 15.

Lingonberry ordinary sheet - 20.

Horsetail grass - 20.

Blackcurrant, leaves, fruit - 10.

Rosehip cinnamon, fruit (crushed) -10.

Waybread sheet - 25.

lily of the valley, flowers - 15.

2 tbspmixture pour 500 ml boiling water (or fresh birch sap).Simmer in a dark place for 30-40 minutes.Strain.Add honey and lemon to taste.Eat 1/2 cup 5-6 times a day in the form of heat for 15-20 minutes before eating.

Steam duly

According to the recommendations of doctors in the sauna bath before entering the steam room, you need a few minutes to stand under a warm shower to warm the body.Second, wear a hat on his head or make a turban from a wet towel.The first call to the steam room lasted 2-5 minutes, it is advisable to do without a broom.Subsequently, the length of stay in the steam increases for 1-2 minutes, the total time can be reduced to 10-15 minutes.Before each visit to the steam room, doctors recommend that women have a rest for 20-30 minutes, turning the sheet.In between visits to the steam room good to drink 100-150 ml of vitamin infusions of the following plants:

Recipe number 2

Rosehip cinnamon, fruit (crushed) - 50.

Blueberries ordinary fruit - 50.

Melissa officinalisgrass - 25.

succession of tripartite, grass - 25.

Hawthorn blood-red fruit - 50.

collection stir 3-4 tablespoons of the mixture pour boiling water, to insist in a warm place for 30 minutes.Strain.Add honey and lemon to taste.Take in the form of heat slowly.

broom worth more than money!

The second entry in the steam room, you can use a broom, which almost doubles the effect of steam.It is best to use fresh broom made of birch, steamed leaves that exude a calming aroma.You can use brooms from other plants: oak, pine, eucalyptus, nettle.Broom steamed in hot water, but not too long, otherwise it will lose its medicinal properties and otyazheleet.Better to use with two brooms, which gives a greater effect, which should bathe together.Soar need to easily and naturally begin with the stop and then move along the body to the head.

If there are any diseases (arthritis, sciatica, myositis, etc.) apply to the sore spot brooms, using them as a kind of compresses.If the bath has a massage service, visit it will be useful to every woman, for reducing the effect of massage is undeniable.It is noted that after the bath people sleep better, they have an appetite, improves health, increases efficiency.If you are unfamiliar with these symptoms, then you are doing something wrong, you need to review the methodology and the residence time in the bath.

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