Omission of the walls of the uterus - exercises to strengthen

even noticing something was wrong, women often hesitate to talk about it and seek help in the early stages, or forget about the need for regular gynecological examinations.But the disease can avoid or minimize its effects.Very good work, such as physiotherapy, if seen in the early stages of the omission of the walls of the uterus - exercises to strengthen presented below.

But first stipulate the main causes of this disease.They are:

• childbirth ("laxity" of the anterior abdominal wall and the pelvic floor are often observed in nulliparous women);

• birth trauma (fractures, muscle injuries of the pelvis, "divergence" of the pelvic bones, etc.);

• low level of general physical development;

• frequent lifting weights, heavy exercise during the postpartum period.

to other reasons include congenital malformations of the pelvic region, the genitourinary system, connective tissue dysplasia syndrome and others.

Against the background of these disorders abdominal muscles may gradually lose the ability

to hold the intestine, uterus with appendages in the normal position.Starting pressure lowered to the lower divisions of the region and the pelvic floor.Over time, this leads to a shift of genital down hyperinflation ligament disruption blood and lymph circulation.Drawing pain in the abdomen, the lower back and sacral if there is a foreign body in the vagina, there is pain during sexual intercourse, is a violation of urination and defecation - this is just a brief list of symptoms characteristic of the walls of the uterus prolapse.

In medical practice, distinguish five degrees of severity of the disease - on hiatus genital slit walls and a small omission straining to complete uterine prolapse with eversion of the vaginal walls.Treatment depends on the severity of symptoms, general condition of the patient and can be both conservative (restorative massage the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments, physical therapy, hydrotherapy) and operational.

If the situation does not go beyond grade 1-2 severity, the best way to state correction can be physiotherapy.In 3rd grade prolapse role of physiotherapy is also huge, as it can significantly reduce the functional disorders.In cases of incomplete and complete loss of the uterus is the use of physical therapy is minimal and without surgical treatment is necessary.

with lowered wall exercises to strengthen the uterus, there are many.Complex therapeutic exercises (first 2-3 sessions of 15-20 minutes, gradually increasing to 45-50 minutes a day for 4-5 months) will certainly help if the situation is not yet critical.

1. Starting position (SP) standing, hands on his belt.Take your hands back to the castle, slowly lift them up, with torso and head, cave and try to tighten the muscles of the anus itself.

2. Walking 1.5-2 minutes, holding the ball between your knees.

3. SP lying on his back against the wall, feet against a wall as high as possible.Splay and legs 6-8 times.Relax.Lift the hips, leaning on the foot and shoulder blades, 3-5.

4. SP lying on his back, legs apart.Alternately, lift the leg to a right angle and produces a circular motion of each hip joint for 1 min (not more).Relax."Turn the wheel".Relax.Make a "scissors".Relax.Alternately, lift the legs bent at the knees, but do not press them to his chest.

5. SP on all fours.Tear off the floor with one foot slightly bend forward and try to straighten out completely and pull the leg back.Repeat 3-4 times with each leg.

6. SP lying on its side.Pick up at the same time the right arm and leg, trying to reach out a hand to the toes.4-5 times on the right and left side.

7. SP lying on his stomach.Crawl on their bellies for 1-2 minutes.

8. SP lying on his stomach, the emphasis on the elbows and forearms.Lift the trunk, leaning on his toes, palms and forearms, then bring yourself to the starting position.Exercise should be repeated 4-5 times.

9. SP lying on his back, feet pressed to the floor, legs bent at the knees, arms extended on both sides of the torso.Lift your pelvis up, pull your anal muscles (breath), lower pelvis and relax the muscles of the perineum (exhale).Repeat 3-4 times.

10. SP sitting with a back support on hand.Raising the pelvis straightened so that the legs and torso were a straight line, fall.3-4.

11. SP lying on your back, arms along the body.Bend your knees, straightening the legs, lift them, without using a lot of effort (at least 45 °), lower.

12. SP lying on his back, legs bent, hands on his knees.Spread your knees apart, counteracting the movement of the hands, head slightly lift.Keep your knees together, counteracting the movement hands, but the inside of the knee.Repeat 3-4 times slowly.

13. SP standing, hands on his belt.Lift the leg bent at the knee to waist level, bend the leg and carried her forward, bend your leg and lower back.Do 3-4 times with each leg alternately.It is important that you keep up to unbend completely, and you can build a little hand on a chair or wall.

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