The beneficial properties of herbs and licorice Eleutherococcus

millennium later interest in this plant is not weakened.Licorice root and properties used to poslascheniya other medicines.But licorice itself has many valuable medicinal properties.Preparations of licorice are used in medicine as an expectorant, laxative and diuretic.Licorice has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, regulates the water-salt metabolism.Most often it can be found in the composition of breast elixir (which sometimes are called "licorice"), various fees.Licorice enhances the action of many drugs and accelerates their absorption from the intestine.It is often used in various collections of herbs with actions that the plant itself like it is not.

Licorice root contains vitamin C, sucrose, glycosides, flavonoids, yellow pigment, essential oils, pectin, mineral salts, and others. From the dried shoots and roots of licorice is prepared expectorants (for example, breast elixir).Licorice is a part of a diuretic tea.Liquorice is irreplaceable in the brewing, in the culinary and confectionery busine

ss, for technical purposes.And more recently, licorice is used as a sugar substitute for diabetics.While it consumes very little.Also, the beneficial properties of licorice suppress the development of mold and prevent further damage from canned.There are recipes of canned food for home cooking.In addition, the high content of saponins also allows the use of licorice in soap.Licorice is contraindicated in pregnancy!

Eleutherococcus senticosus - surprisingly little-known plant, which is in its properties adaptogen, Siberian ginseng identical.In people it is called ginseng brother.A valuable raw material in the plant are underground organs and used in folk medicine and leaves collected during flowering.The roots of Eleutherococcus contains sterols, glycosides, fatty oils, resins, polysaccharides and flavonoids.

From its roots an essential oil, is used in baking and confectionery manufacture soft drinks.Eleutherococcus Properties very highly appreciated in cosmetology and is currently one of the basic components of all kinds of creams, ointments, lotions, and means for hair care.Clinical studies have established that Siberian ginseng contains a large number of biologically active substances that enhance the metabolic processes in the cells of the epidermis.It is used in the manufacture of nourishing cream for all skin types, supporting the natural elasticity and devoted to her soft and velvety.A good cosmetic properties are liquid extracts of Eleutherococcus and broths, added to the bath - they are used as a stimulant to speed up regeneration of skin cells.Infusion of twigs and leaves, decoction of rhizomes of Eleutherococcus stimulates the active hair growth and prevents brittleness, strengthens the roots and effectively treats seborrhea.

Preparations based on Eleutherococcus has tonic properties, strengthen the overall non-specific resistance of the organism to various harmful effects of negative environmental factors and disease, increase muscle tone and motor activity.Enhanced performance of the central nervous system: relieves fatigue and apathy, people feel more cheerful, improves sleep.In addition, Siberian ginseng restores sight, stimulates the metabolism, normalize hemoglobin and blood sugar levels.

Eleutherococcus is one of the most powerful adaptogens.Preparations Eleutherococcus helps to adapt to rapid changes in environmental factors, including psychological.Perfect for people who often move from one latitude to another, living under the long Arctic expeditions working in conditions of severe hikes in climates with large temperature differences.It is proved that if the child is less than one week on a drop of Eleutherococcus extract, the immunity reflects the disease within six months.

As a plant adaptogen, normalizes blood pressure, relieves stress, appetite returns, balancing redox processes, promotes the formation of blood cells, promotes involvement in the metabolism of fats.

As you can see, the beneficial properties of herbs licorice and Siberian Ginseng, at first glance, little known in Russia, herbs, will find good use in your family medicine cabinet.

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