Medicinal and magical properties benitoita

benitoite was first found in the early XX century, in 1906.I found it a prospector James Kutch in the upper estuary of San Benito, hence the name of the stone.Mineralogist George Louderbak much later after a detailed study concluded that these stones are not sapphires.He decided so proved by X-ray beams that benitoitovaya crystal lattice is unique, allowing benitoite considered completely independent mineral.It is noteworthy that the existence of such minerals with the same crystal structure as early as 1830 predicted Johann Frederick Hessel.

benitoite now - is the official stone of California, as it is of gem quality stones can meet only in the territory of the State.Benitoity can also be found in Texas (USA) and in Belgium, but the quality of them, compared to California, leaving a lot to be desired.Weight flattened crystals of this mineral is usually no more than one carat, and they are not very large in size.At the moment, the record weight - 7, 8 carats - belongs benitoitu.Its uniqueness and its

causes such a high cost, about $ 1,000 per carat.And because of limited resources, the price is constantly increasing.

benitoite is a rare mineral that is the titanium silicate and barium, the color is similar to sapphire.But the color of these minerals varies from dark blue to light blue, and sometimes there are also colorless, blue and red crystals.Sometimes even that in one and the same mineral can see several shades of different angles.

benitoita main fields are in the US and Belgium.

Medicinal and magical properties benitoita

Medicinal properties. accepted that benitoite responsible for the nervous system and the human psyche.If you wear it constantly, the mineral can help a person get rid of nervous seizures, hysteria, and irritability.Benitoite can also cure diseases of the stomach, gall bladder, intestine and thyroid.

magical properties.But benitoite roads not only on price.Surprising properties benitoita are to make it possible owner stellar career.It gives people such charm, resist which is almost impossible, awakens creativity host, self-confidence, gives him the desire to achieve the highest peaks in the activity, it inspires and gives a feeling of genius and his uniqueness.

But at the same mineral needs in relation to his respect, admiration and attention.Certainly it is necessary to give thanks and praise to care for him, at least twice a week, hold under cold jet, then wipe with a soft silk or woolen cloth.But it can not be worn with other jewelry made from other stones because mineral benitoite be offended, and then instead of helping only hinder career development.

mineral that helps his owner not only in his professional activity, but also on the personal front.If a single person who had already thrown all sorts of searches of the second half, will own benitoita, he may suddenly find mutual passionate love.More mineral helps revive extinct feelings spouses attract the love of one who had not paid any attention to you.

Astrologers recommend to use his magical powers to people born under the zodiac signs of any, except fire (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius).If air, water and earth signs mineral helps in the construction of a brilliant career, the fiery signs with him can only inflate your vanity and pride and develop a sense of self-worth, and this will only lead to the destruction of both personal life and your professional activities.

as a mascot benitoite can use to anyone who wants to achieve fame, glory, and substantial progress on the career ladder.The mineral also helps single people and those who are unhappy in love.

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