Medicinal properties of food salt

More than two thousand years ago began to extract salt by evaporating sea salt.This method was initially originated in tropical countries, where natural evaporation of water was done by, in consequence of the water began to warm up artificially.In the northern regions, the technology improved: in fact it is no secret that the fresh water freezes faster than salt, and the salt concentration in the solution is greatly increased.So from seawater prepared fresh, and the stronger the salt brine and then evaporated.

Rock salt is very necessary for normal functioning of the human body.This mineral regulates the water and salt balance of the body, keeps the concentration of sodium in the blood, addition salts present in the stone elements which are the main material for the production of gastric juice.That's how important medicinal properties of food salt.

If enough salt in the body, it is the destruction of muscle and bone, and at the expense of these processes, the body makes up for its deficit.Insuffic

ient amount of salt in the body, can have consequences such as depression, may malfunction in the digestive system and heart activity, likely to cause osteoporosis - the disease of the skeleton in which bone is destroyed structure.

signs of an insufficient level of salt in the body are headache, general weakness of the body, nausea.It turns out that the salt is a very valuable product, not only to improve the quality of food, but also for the whole entire body.But many experts and nutritionists say that for the normal functioning of the body, enough salt consumed with food and artificially added salt has certain problems, such as arthritis, kidney disease and hypertension, diseases of the eye.

salt, which is every housewife in the kitchen, can be significantly useful not only in the economy.It was used by our ancestors for a long time, as a laxative, for the treatment of skin and even to accelerate delivery.Today the bath with the addition of rock salt is used in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.Inhalation is used to eliminate the inflammation of the respiratory system.Using rock salt also has fairly widespread in cosmetology.

Take note of a few techniques that you can do at home is elementary, the effect will not take long, but subject to regular use.Working on yourself will bring excellent results.For example, a salt bath is the ideal remedy for brittle and prone to delamination of nails.With regular use of salt baths and oil can achieve excellent smoothness strengthen and perfect nails.

Whatever teeth were white and gums healthy, you should take the salt and honey in equal proportions, carefully grind and rub this gruel teeth and gums, but it must be done very carefully.This procedure is carried out not more than once a month.

If worried about hair loss, it is washed in the head to put on hair partings salt, then head wrap the film, and in this state leave for 10-15 minutes.Then rinse thoroughly.If you regularly do this procedure 6-10 times the stop loss.

compress iodized salt is an excellent means of combating the problem areas of the face and chin, it is necessary to dissolve the salt 3 tablespoons lodges in 2 cups of warm water soaked towel pressed and push the problem areas.

But a gentle scrub of cocoa powder (without aromatic additives), and the salt is perfect for regular cleaning of the face will give the skin soft and perfectly atonement for her, it is necessary to take 20 grams.cocoa powder and ½ teaspoon fine salt (such as "extra"), slightly diluted with warm water and clean the skin along the massage lines.

Whatever the heels were in order, perfect cold salt bath, the solution helps to eliminate dead skin fate of the skin, for that 1 tablespoon of salt dissolved in 1 liter of water is recommended to take a bath for 20-30 minutes, followed by a clean solespumice or brush and smear with cream, this procedure eliminates the pain and burning sensation and makes the skin velvety.Here they are, the healing properties of food salt.

Summing up, we can say with certainty that, contrary to the prevailing saying: "Salt - it white poison!"- This is the life for the human body as a whole, and for the preservation of youth and beauty.Of course, you get to decide how and in what quantities to use this wonderful mineral.No wonder that the ancient proverb says, "All's well that to the best."