Aromatic sachets with herbs

aromatic sachets history.

French word sachet - can mean small scented pillows, or a small bag of herbs, which are impregnated with essential oils.Such bags are reticulated or woven, opaque or transparent.Typically, these bags filled with powder, purchased from the dried herbs, which have been frayed with essential oils, resins.Sometimes used instead of natural artificial flavors.

In ancient times, a sachet of herbs were widely circulated, and every self-respecting hostess in the house certainly had these small fragrant pillows or bags.Sasha stacked in closets with linen or clothing, while the pouches made with exquisite and beautiful: bags tied with silk ribbons, trimmed with fringe, lace, lace, sewn eyelets, to hang on a hanger with clothes.

With sachets flavored air, thus creating a cozy home: in ancient times believed that these bags can protect the house from evil spirits, as well as the "evil" of the eye.Once it was believed that they are able to prevent disputes and quarrels between spouses.T

herefore, in the marital bed can hold land with flavors that would please both spouses.Besides sachets normalizes sleep, and relations will become more vivid and delicate.

Sasha also used as a mascot: a long time small bags of herbs worn around the neck.The bags are in Russia called "amulet".

Make aromatic sachets yourself.

To make sachets with their hands, you need to buy a suitable fabric and trim, will still need a needle and thread.From the available material sew a beautiful bag or pillow.Incidentally sachets may be a different color, size, shape, in general, then you can bring your imagination.

sachets can be used for any grass: in a special store to buy or build yourself.Aromatic oils can also be used any.

better suited natural fillers: patchouli, almonds, cinnamon, orange peel, cloves, roses and lavender flowers, the color of nutmeg and cassia bark of sandalwood or cedar - not necessarily grind to a powder, it is enough to be very finely chopped.

fabric should be natural, without chemical additives, it will provide a wonderful scent, and the most positive energy.Such sachet you can hang on a hanger, put in a closet to hang in the nursery, bedroom, office, car - will have only to choose the right fragrance.

Craft powder sachets is not difficult.Powders of selected herbs are mixed, and then sieved through a sieve is not very frequent.Strainer should be closed (in the likeness of the drum), it will keep the smell of the plants.To save

grass odor added to the powder mixture was concentrated resin which was triturated with magnesium carbonate or iris root.The powder should be added as essential oil as it can absorb.

Once the powder is prepared, it is not necessary to immediately fill the bags - powder should stand for several days, and then the resin and the aromatic oil is completely absorbed into the powder.If you do not, you will be ready sachet wet and covered with grease spots, and certainly no elegance and beauty will fail.

To fix the smell, add powdered musk - natural or artificial musk is ground fine quartz sand or pumice powder, and iris root powder or chalk (in the first 2-musk fragrance cases entirely goes into powder).Once the bag is filled, it must be carefully sewn that will permanently retain grass odor.

Sasha aromatic: popular recipes.

To fill sachets there are many recipes for powder mixtures that are used in aromatherapy, but there are songs that are used more frequently than others.For example, mint with cloves, lemon and rosemary;lemon with lavender and rose;Lavender Rose, lemon with incense;lavender, ylang-ylang and rose;cloves, rosemary and lemon - a simple combination, and plants available to everyone.

But to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere in the room, usually selected special song "Love", for example, one part - rose petals, ginger, yarrow, lavender.On one side - cloves, rosemary and chamomile, rose petals.On one side - jasmine and gardenia, two oranges, three parts of rose petals.One of the roots of violets, two rose petals, lavender three parts.

There is another "love" composition: half orange peel grind to a powder, add red petals with three roses, baby's breath and sage powder and mixed.The resulting mixture should pour in a little pink silk bag (it can be a tiny cushion in the shape of a heart), and worn around the neck.

White sachets as a protective amulet can be worn always with 1 teaspoon flax seed, 1 teaspoon cumin seeds 1 tablespoon fennel seeds, 1 small handful of salt.

To protect homes use sachets of salt 1 handful of salt, 1 teaspoon fennel seeds and fennel, 1 tablespoon rosemary, 1 tablespoon dried basil, a small fern and bay leaf - it all fits in a bag red.Then, in the house looking for the highest place, after which the bag should be put in there.

To protect the car used red sachet: two parts of juniper and rosemary 1 part sage, cumin, comfrey pharmacy and quartz crystal placed in a bag.The pouch should be hidden so that no one has found.

to attract wealth sachets should be worn in a handbag, purse near 1 hr. Liter of cinnamon 1 teaspoon cloves, 1 tbsp.l.herb patchouli, golden ring (engagement should not put) - all placed in a bag of green.

As already mentioned, the recipes may be different, it all depends on your taste and your imagination, but do not forget about the tastes of relatives, so a combination of oils and herbs should be selected to a combination like not only you but also your loved ones.

of herbs and spices the most popular are: dill, oregano, thyme, basil, lavender, lemon balm.

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