The relationship between a man and a woman: tough moments

Whichever perfect pair you were not yet in a relationship between a man and a woman difficult moments happen at all.One would think: all you good, no complaints and quarrels never occurred, and suddenly the storm broke.Let's say right away: so that all at once inside boiled and burst forth, do not hardly ever happens.Chances are you a man nurtured inside some resentment, in order not to spoil the beginning the relationship.However, for a long time to keep a grudge is not possible, sometimes it spills out after some trifles.And a great big scandal breaks out, which is sure to leave a negative footprint on the relationship between a man and a woman.Omissions - the offspring of silent disbelief.It is difficult, of course, trust the person, whom you know not yet so long as we would like.But if you decide to do a serious relationship, you just have to be at least some minimum of confidence in its half, or he had the impression that you check it constantly, and control.And this, believe me, not like any man.Y

es there a man: a woman, too, is unlikely to be to endure the constant mistrust.Therefore, learn to trust your family, at least until such time as they are (suddenly) does not show that you can not believe them.But even then, most likely, and the relationship will end.

Often young couple having serious points of contention when it comes to their shared pastime.In particular, the argument may have about your friends and your guy friends.Suppose you want to sit in a cafe with her friends and boyfriend, drink tea and chat about something vital and interesting.A man struggles to dissuade you from that stupid, in his opinion, venture to invite his friends to buy beer and shrimp and all night to see the golden collection of world football.Incidentally, you do not love football since childhood.Therefore, you, as you can face off against the plans of his men.What can come of it?Nothing good.Because of your differences, everyone remains at the opinion, and as a result you will spend the evening watching TV, not talking to each other.But it could just have fun!But they could not find a compromise.

While even a few of them here.The first one: today you are going for a walk with her friends at the coffee shop, in which you are so drawn in the morning.And your boyfriend with your friends, fans will enjoy the company of men in full and football with beer.You get home late, but the guys have finished browsing, you'll be a man full of pleasant emotions, share with each other funny moments in the evening, and, satisfied, go to bed.The second option: you will make an unofficial schedule trips with his friends and with your friends.Let's say today you spend an evening with his friends, and tomorrow go to plow your streets.And, without fail, you need to arrange as much as possible for two evenings.Moreover, it is desirable to invent something interesting: for example, Movies, to the ice rink or just a cafe.And the fact of the common walks you will soon stop spending time alone together.

The relationship between a man and a woman: tough moments Another difficult moment that may stand in the way of conflict-free relations - heterogeneity your interests.Let's say your kid loves outdoor activities: it do not feed bread, let me just do something fun and extreme.Today, he draws you to the karting tomorrow - bowling, then - on jumping from the bridge.And you have all of this is just panic and fear.You are so used to sit at home in the evenings, the maximum selected in the cafe.In favor you have long crochet and embroidery stitch, and not drawn to leisure and adventure.As a result, in the beginning of a relationship you reluctantly teeth, go for the favorite wherever he wants to go.See how it participates in dangerous cycling competitions, with bated breath watch as he jumps off a bridge, stick a thin rubber band.And you can not keep crying, when he makes the move to the 40-meter chasm.But soon, you can no longer restrain himself and openly declare guy that such entertainment is not about you.And, of course, demonstrate his graying hairs that appeared during meetings with him.Then the man spared you some time and obediently sitting next to you, watching as you vyvyazyvayut his seventh winter scarf.But this can not last long - soon there will be conflict, prompted by the fact that you have nothing to do with what you are too different.Often people can not immediately rebuild and find among hobbies partner that will appeal to him.Those who do it, we can say lucky: they start to get involved in one thing, happy to attend any events and talk for hours about it.Some couples almost always inevitably awaits failure.

There are a few things that can poison the life of a young couple.For example, it is the relationship with the former.Sometimes it turns out that someone from the pair have established excellent contacts with the former.They may even meet in a cafe for an hour or two, chat and drink coffee.It is no wonder that this situation does not suit a soul mate and a barrage of calls jealousy.On the first "half" indignant replies: "I do not stop to talk to them.They are very nice people! ".But here it is necessary to try to understand your partner and put yourself in his place.Would you like to be in the same position, to sit at home and wait for the guy with the cafe, where he peacefully with the former gossip girl?Here is the answer to your anger, all the better to break old ties and to begin to live a new life.

Among the reasons.Cause conflicts in the pair may be more little things like money, the appearance of the partner (you probably at least once in life thought about the fact that in such a haircut it would have been better, but it is not necessary to wear jeans, but the guy wassteadfast in his choice), with family ... Why we called them "small"?Yes, because their scale is really insignificant.If you love your boyfriend, you will learn how to find compromises and with dignity out of difficult situations.And your life will be filled with only positive emotions and unbridled happiness!

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