Medicinal and magical properties of moonstone

There lilac stones, milky white, there are also such as if they lit up the domestic gold shimmer.In nature can be found, albeit rarely, stones with so-called "cat's eye" or with a pattern of stars.

In India, the main field moonstone.

Light shimmering moonstone in the world of natural gemstones can be called an amazing phenomenon - "adularization."The reason for this flicker - internal structure of this mineral in the form of lamellae, whereby the incident light rays are refracted in the stone and create a diffusing effect.The resulting light phenomenon in its form is the only one of this moonstone is desirable and unique.In spite of such beauty, Moonstone has a disadvantage - relatively low hardness.That is why moonstones handled with extreme caution.If over time the moonstone lost its shine, then it should be re-sanded and polished.

In nature, there are several types of lunar rock.Meet the opaque feldspar also sometimes called moonstones.Labrador, including missionaries German community living in th

e Labrador (Canada) discovered it in the 18th century.

little later in Russia, it was discovered a large deposit of Labrador.In 1781, in the St. Petersburg area, during construction of the road from St. Petersburg to Peterhof to the royal palace, it was discovered boulders with labrador.

We Moonstone because of its resemblance to the iridescent peacock feathers called tausinym stone, which is translated from the Persian word "Tousey" means peacock.

from other stones Labrador is characterized by its beautiful color game, and if found black Labrador with a sparkling blue, it is called a black moonstone.

Still later in the Ukraine was found a rich deposit of Labrador.Due to the large amount of mineral labrador depreciated, resulting in its category ranked as facing stones.And he began to be used for cladding of monumental buildings and subway stations.

Madagascar and Finland mined stones are very beautiful Labrador.

Among a variety of feldspar can find solar stone, it is also called aventurine feldspar.This stone has a truly extraordinary sparkling-golden shimmer.This stone is mined in the United States, Russia and Norway.

Belomoro - kind of moon rock.In nature, there are white stones with a bluish tint, translucent.

However, sanidine and adularia, which are considered the real lunar rocks are very rare.Their main field is Sri Lanka, India, Burma.In Mongolia, geologists have recently discovered large deposits of sanidine.

Application. moonstone as a gemstone used in jewelry in the era of «Art Nouveau», about a hundred years ago.Rene Lalique, the French jeweler used the Moonstone in their jewelry, which today are kept in private collections.And in museums where they can be seen.

Cost of products determined by the transparency, size, intensity of the color of the stone, so the price of the jewelry is different.For example, good moonstones blue have incredible three dimensional color depth, which varies with the rotation of the stone.They are quite rare and expensive because of what and highly sought after by private collectors.

Multi-colored moonstones from India cheaper classic blue moon rocks, and so this can pick up a stone to your every taste and of course budget.

Medicinal and magical properties of moonstone

Medicinal properties. Many nations believe that this mineral can protect people from the harmful influence of the moon.Lipoterapevty believe that if a body wearing a small piece of moon rock or articles of this mineral, it is possible to alleviate the seizures of epilepsy, to prevent uncontrolled anger, cure insomnia and / or fear.In addition, Moonstone has a beneficial effect on the genitourinary system.Does the moonstone and the heart chakra.A beneficial effect on the digestive system, the pituitary gland, facilitates childbirth, improves lymph circulation.

magical properties. Moonstone has long used to attract a person of love.Lone people should wear a stone, set in a brooch on the left side.Then Moonstone will not only attract love, but also awaken it in his host.

Moonstone, set in a ring worn on the finger of his left hand, will adjust the person's feelings, reduce stress, help to avoid conflict situations, will make his merciful and tolerant.And if the ring with a moonstone worn on the right hand, it will help to relax, awaken creative impulses and fantasy.

for Indian people moonstone is sacred as it is believed that it brings good luck.In addition, moonstone as a gift to your loved one highly prized because it is considered that it is able to evoke a gentle passion, make it possible to know the future fate of the lovers.In Greek mythology, pearl spar contacted legendary Hyperboreans, whose northern region gave the world the lunar rocks, which consists in the ability of the various mystical visions and revelations.These properties Moonstone always highly valued the magicians, but treated them with extreme caution, because they can kill mages.

Ceylon adularia considered sacred and brings happiness.

Assertions experts that if meditation moonstone, then open the hidden talents and abilities, as well as the subconscious.

So as the signs of the zodiac, Aries, Leos, Sagittarius is not necessary to use the power of the moonstone.Stone will be useful especially cancers.

Talismans and amulets. people of creative professions - musicians, writers, artists can wear the moonstone as a mascot.Moonstone further reveal their talents, to encourage creative breakthroughs, give inspiration.

During the full moon increases the power of the moonstone.Glow stone awakens in people soft, dreamy, tender, remove excess anger and self-confidence, relieve tension.