Medicinal and magical properties of nepheline

Nepheline refers to the main minerals of alkaline rocks.

nepheline deposits. In the Urals, in particular in the Ilmen mountains in the Alai Range, on the Kola Peninsula.In Norway, Kenya, Sweden, Greenland, Germany, the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Application nepheline.Large stones nepheline after grinding workshops and hands Stoneshaper out in the form of beautiful figurines, caskets, inkstand, ashtrays dark red color.

nepheline flour in small quantities is to the plants - tanneries, for the development of glass, these plants found proper application of nepheline.

example, tan leather tannery nepheline to give it flexibility and strength.A ceramic factories producing pottery pipe metlahskoy tiles, glazed earthenware dishes used as a substitute nepheline feldspar.

textile enterprises treated nepheline flour acids, causing it turns into a translucent mass, similar to the molten glass.If the cloth to soak the mix, it will acquire the following properties - does not burn, does not pass water, defies acid

s.If the tree is saturated with this weight, the effect is the same.

Big same parties nepheline flour supplied to aluminum smelters.It is rich in aluminum nepheline.In the year of nepheline produce thousands of tonnes of the metal is silver, which is used in the manufacture of ordinary pots, in the production of cars and airplanes.

Medicinal and magical properties of nepheline

Medicinal properties. Traditional medicine has the opinion that the greenish-gray nepheline beneficial effect on the nervous system.Some folk connoisseurs suggest that nepheline yellowish-gray tint is able to excite the appetite, improve digestion, bowel function.And to relieve eye strain and improve vision, folk medicine recommends the evening a few minutes to look at the greenish-gray nepheline.

magical properties. in magical practice nepheline used to develop the ability of clairvoyance.Nepheline will help a person to increase the available talent and discover hidden talents.

is believed that the mineral is able to protect the home.To do this, in the construction of suburban homes placed under the threshold of raw stone, and then the evil will not penetrate into the house.But in urban apartments mineral hang over the door.

Nepheline favorably to Aries and Taurus, it will help them to find harmony with the surrounding world.

Talismans and amulets. creative people here who would be useful properties of nepheline.To mascot is beneficial to the work, it should be put on the workplace in the form of a small ball, and then the holder of such a talisman is not threatened "creative stupor."