Medicinal and magical properties of chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyl can be painted in a wide range of shades of green - from pale green, yellowish to brownish.The variety of colors of the mineral due to the fact that the chromium and iron oxide replaces some aluminum and ferrous iron replaces some of beryllium.Also, sometimes as part of chrysoberyl found and Titan.These impurities and give a variety of shades of this mineral.The most common pattern is a pale yellowish-green color, the shade of Chrysoberyl acquired through iron and chromium.In this case, chromium imparts a greenish color of the stone.Beryllium element rarely found in nature.Also chrysoberyl or beryllium is found in rocks such as the Hamberg, Beryllonite, phenacite, euclase.The name of the item received from Beryllium beryl gemstone.

Deposits of chrysoberyl. Chrysoberyl creates inclusion in mica schist and granite.It occurs in contact-pneumatolytic formations in association with phenacite, apatite, beryl, fluorite and other minerals.Chrysoberyl found in the pegmatite veins.The best known dep

osits are in Minas Gerais (Brazil).Chrysoberyl found in aluminum deposits in Ceylon and Madagascar.

also been found in deposits in the form of friends and crystals, in the Urals (Russia), Colorado (USA), Brazil (Espirito Santo).On the surface of the crust is stable and chrysoberyl fall placers.

Application chrysoberyl. This gem is rarely found in nature, it is very popular because it has the effect of cat's-eye.The property is due to the fact that the stone is muddled.Chrysoberyl rarely used in jewelry, although its hardness allows it to do well.Chrysoberyl is colorless and clear, if the stone meets its chemical formula.Such chrysoberyl is not very popular, because it does not allow the refraction compete with diamond, white sapphire and zircon.The most valuable are chrysoberyl, which is well manifested light game.These stones are processed cabochon, the so-called "cat's eye»

Medicinal and magical properties of chrysoberyl

Medicinal properties. In ancient Russia has always been that chrysoberyl helps a person to avoid the extreme intoxication.In folk medicine, it was felt that the properties of chrysoberyl are designed to help treat scabies, leprosy and other skin diseases.According to the recommendations of oriental medicine chrysoberyl or jewelry with them is to wear with increased nervous excitability.The mineral can also have a positive effect in diseases of the heart, so consider lithotherapists.The effect on early recovery from concussion credited stones with a violet hue.

magical properties. Chrysoberyl magic of ancient India was used as an amulet that can give a person the ability to understand the language of different animals.In Europe, we wore rings with this gem, and believed that it helps to attract the attention of men of women.

current practice of magicians believe that if you wear gold rings and rings with chrysoberyl, then good luck will accompany in deeds.As chrysoberyl gives his master qualities such as insight, intuition, make the right decision.It is believed that the mineral can give the human soul harmony and peace.To prevent large and small everyday troubles chrysoberyl is used as a talisman.

People who are born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, chrysoberyl patronage they receive from him success in business and peace of mind.

Talismans and amulets. Chrysoberyl is the mascot for the people who are engaged in scientific, social or commercial activity.For Mascot often use platinum or gold ring with chrysoberyl, past cut.Talisman as a ring eliminates the negative effects caused by the envy of people and bring good luck in love and worldly affairs.

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