Medicinal and magical properties sardonyx

minerals occur with stripes of white, pink, brown, brown.Stones give a silky, shining glass and glitter.

deposits. deposits sardonyx, mostly located in India, although it is possible to find this gem in many other countries.

Medicinal and magical properties sardonyx

Medicinal properties .Traditional healers use in the treatment of fractures sardonyx for better and speedy matching bone.In folk medicine, sardonyx known as an excellent means of stopping blood bleeding.Modern healers believe that the mineral can treat gastrointestinal disorders, fever, diseases of the spleen, thyroid gland.Men's dark sardonyx, if they wear a quickly heal wounds and ulcers;Women - increase fertility.

solar plexus chakra is under the influence of sardonyx.

magical properties. Sardonyx, along with some other stones, is the patron saint of the zodiac sign of Leo.If you believe the legend, the red color of the stone could neutralize the evil influence of black magic.Stone dispelled nightmares drove melancholy.For zodi

acal Lions onyx can be a source of success, love, happiness, luck.This mineral is able to sharpen the mind of the owner, give him courage, courage, courage.People of other astrological signs, this crystal can protect against the evil eye, spells and the forces of darkness.Sardonyx is the patron saint and those born under the zodiac constellation Virgo.The fair sex, the Virgin by sardonyx can build personal happiness;Virgin male - to obtain from him success in work and other matters.

also believe that sardoniksovye crystals can relieve the fear of uncertainty and the future oberech travels and journeys.Minerals associated with sardonyx triumph over the passage of time: the stone can contribute to rejuvenate the body and prolong life years.Since ancient times it was believed that the properties of sardonyx - protected from omens, protected from treachery and infidelity.

Talismans and Amulets .As a talisman, onyx is able to give the man a long life, happiness, success in work.This crystal is considered the mascot of those who travel a lot, who strive for harmony with the world and themselves, as well as philosophers and contemplatives.

To the marriage was a happy one, can be used as a talisman and amulet small bowl of sardonyx placed on a metal stand.This amulet warn adultery, attract wealth and family harmony.The current practice of mysticism sardonyx minerals used in the manufacture of amulets to help get rid of unreasonable, frivolous fears.

Europeans associate with onyx force, vitality, happiness, and the Indians - with luck and good fortune.