Therapeutic mud and its properties

In science, mud treatment is called "peloterapiya" (from the Greek "Pelosi" - "clay" or "mud", "therapy" - "treatment").So we can safely say that the mud was in demand as a remedy, even in ancient times.Soldiers using it treated his wounds, while the girls kept the youth and beauty of your skin.That is not surprising, therapeutic mud therapy medicine and welcome today.Therefore, about the healing properties of its mud and written a lot of health and beauty books and scientific articles.So we decided not to work around this theme party and say a few words about the dirt and the properties that it has.We think that by reading our current publication, you will certainly refer to it, has long proven way to preserve the beauty and health.

In its structure the dirt has a huge amount of chemical elements.Nearly the whole periodic table is a part of this miracle of clay.The healing properties of these elements are attached to a part of the dirt microorganisms.For example, one gram of a clay contains about two

million bacteria.In other words, the dirt can be called a living, and it's all because of its composition.All of these microorganisms in the composition of the mud are very active life and because of this, they provide a most mud content of nutrients such as enzymes, hormones, vitamins, and even affect the biological activity of its composition.

mud therapy can have multiple impacts on the human body.This thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical.But the useful substances in the composition of dirt very effectively stimulate the connective tissue.In addition, peloterapiya has properties that help to quickly get rid of various ailments.For example, the therapy quality soften scars and, importantly, accelerates the process of healing bone fractures and after various injuries.Plus, this therapy is very beneficial effect on our internal organs.Because of the mud improves the function of most of these bodies, normal blood circulation, improve metabolism.Also, mud therapy may have an anesthetic effect and help the human body fight various kinds of allergies.Inherent in this matter and anti-microbial action.Microbes are destroyed using special fillers that are included in the mud.These fillers are equal to antibiotics.

most common dirt used for medicinal purposes, making of it a mud bath or a special "application" on some parts of the body.Such procedures increase the vitality of cells and increase their metabolism.Also, using these simple procedures can be strengthened and to withdraw their immunity from their body of harmful toxins, get rid of the problems with the spine and joints.To cure chronic diseases associated with the nose or throat.Get rid of sciatica, periodontitis, to resolve problems with the nervous system and forget about the pathologies that are directly related to improper operation of the digestive and urinary systems.

mineral mud is often used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetics.On their basis is a huge number of cosmetic products (creams, masks).Since the substance is effective against skin diseases and cosmetic defects.In general, as you know, mud - a cure for many ailments.

And now a few words about the use of such mud "applications" for medicinal purposes.Full imposition of dirt on the entire surface of the body to date peloterapii used very rarely.Now more and more practices of local "soiling" of the patient.In other words, such "application" is placed on certain areas of the body.Distinguish between such "local procedure" depending on on what part of the body was deposited mud "mask".The dirt deposited on the hands, is called "gloves" on certain parts of the legs (shin or foot) is called the "boot" or "toed" on the chest (thorax) to capture a significant part of the hands - "jacket", but the mud"applique", placed on the pelvis, is called "trousers".

If you have a variety of gynecological problems, the dirt is recommended to use internally.That is, by using dirt do vaginal, rectal swabs.

Mud treatments should be carried out approximately every other day, in a total amount of 10 - 15 procedures.The duration of this session varies from 10 to 20 minutes.By the way, any "mud session" should be accompanied by strict supervision of a specialist (doctor).

As a conclusion, it is useful to recall that all treatments can have both positive and negative consequences.These effects are inherent and mud therapy.All due to the fact that, as we have said, as part of the mud is a huge number of active elements.It is for this reason peloterapiya has a number of different contraindications.Use mud treatments strictly prohibited in the following cases: if you dramatically worsened for a chronic disease, you have a congenital heart defect, you have diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, varicose veins.Also use mud treatment is not necessary, if you detect the disease associated with blood or fibroids, tuberculosis, or the common cold.In all other cases, mud therapy has no contraindications.So you can easily sign up for a course of such treatment.Remember, mud and medicinal properties it possesses, can replace the use of prolonged courses of antibiotics.Good luck and do not get sick!

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