Walnut oil, useful properties

squeeze the oil is, of course, from the walnut kernels.It would be absurd to squeeze him out of the shell.The resulting oil has a very pleasant taste and a light nutty flavor of the divine is able once and for all get to love this oil.

In addition, with respect to many other vegetable oils, peanut butter has a much greater amount of saturated fatty acids.Walnut oil is composed of unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acid, vitamin E), vitamin A, vitamin E, carotenoids (substances containing carotene), C, B vitamins, macro- and trace elements such as zinc andcopper, iodine, calcium, required to maintain bone strength, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, as well as biologically active substances.

Thanks to its exquisite taste walnut oil is often used in cooking.With walnut oil prepare delicious salads, cold dishes, as well as oriental dishes.In addition, occasionally walnut oil is used as oil for grilling or frying foods.Sometimes walnut oil added to bread, this bread giving very unique and ver

y memorable taste.

However, all used in cooking are good for people who love to eat, but how can people who love undergo treatment?After all, they also want to find this oil for some applications.And the application was found.Walnut oil is also very widely used in medicine, disease prevention.Most importantly, it gives the walnut oil medicinal properties - a high content of vitamins in it.This component improves the tone of the body, as well as contribute to the stabilization of protective immune system.

77% of oil from the walnut occupied polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can not be replaced.Walnut oil - is one of the substances on the content of the champions is very important vitamin E. Walnut oil has a very important property: it improves and stabilizes the metabolism, which is extremely useful for people recovering from complex diseases, as well as good for people receivingrecently undergone surgery.

But that's not all.Walnut oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, which give amazing results in record time.Walnut oil is often prescribed to treat inflammation of the skin, mucous membranes, burns, and other similar diseases.The anti-inflammatory properties lie in the fact that the oil provides a full exchange in the affected tissues.

addition oil from the walnut kernels perfectly protected from the effects of carcinogens, ie the substance causes cancer.It is also a wonderful oil increases resistance to radiation and stimulates the removal of radionuclides.Also, oil has anti-tumor properties.

addition to all the above walnut oil successful way repeatedly used for the treatment of atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, as well as chronic colitis and ear infections.Also, walnut oil - is one of the best diabetes products.As a digestible oil is present in many diets for many years.

Walnut oil has a very impressive cosmetic effect.This oil has a very long time is a part of a variety of cosmetic products such as: anti-wrinkle cream, suntan cream for hands and face, as well as funds for personal hygiene.

Walnut oil can be used in almost any field.As told to mathematics and physics: it is universal, though expensive.But not for nothing called the walnut and oil are tight on purpose.They say, they say, everything is in Greece.And walnuts, butter and show that indeed these nuts have a little of everything, a true Greek!

Now you know how important it is walnut oil, useful properties which will be used in your family!