Meals for pain in the cervical spine

In particular this applies to the skeletal system, which is its foundation, a kind of cage, which depends on the strength of our overall health, not to mention the "narrow" issues as pain in the cervical spine.When choosing food for your table, the vast majority of people pay attention to their taste and freshness, forgetting such an important moment as good.Many did not even occur to him that by changing your diet, they can get rid of the problems associated with diseases of the spine and pain in the cervical spine.Of course, useful not necessarily mean tasteless.There are many products that meet both criteria.But still, if you have back pain and cervical spine, and seriously want to improve their physical condition, be prepared for certain restrictions.The main enemy of the spine are various preservatives, among which the most dangerous are the salt and sugar.Try as much as possible to eliminate them from your diet.Perfect replacement it may become frozen products which do not contain any harmful subs

tances.What is the power to choose the health of our spine, learn in the article entitled "Food for pain in the cervical spine."

good alternative to sugar is considered to be natural honey, which also promotes the excretion of salts of heavy metals and other harmful substances.It is also known that it does not cause allergies.But apart from salt and sugar, there are many products that are anything but beneficial to bones and muscles.These include grilled and smoked dishes, as well as rich broth.Contrary to popular belief, eating meat aspic does not contribute to the strengthening of the skeletal system, and even vice versa.So be careful with this dish!Among people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, special group of vegetarians.The fact that the effective confrontation loads the intervertebral discs must be able to quickly accumulate a liquid and as quickly to give her, acting as a kind of shock absorber.For proper performance of this important function of protein compounds responsible.Building materials for them are different amino acids, some of which are contained only in animal products (meat, fish, milk, eggs, etc.).Completely abandoning them, you put yourself at great risk.With great care should be taken for consumption of different spices and condiments: horseradish, mustard, pepper effect on musculoskeletal system no less damaging than sugar and salt.Try to replace them with a special dish that is prepared on the basis of the young shoots of pine trees.For its preparation should collect light green twigs appearing spring dry for several days in a dark place and repeatedly passed through a grinder until smooth.Then she added various herbs (parsley, dill, basilica t. N.), As well as a little bit of salt.The resulting paste-like product can be stored throughout the winter as a normal blank Bay with a layer of vegetable oil and use as a tasty and healthy sauce.

Another popular, but no less harmful food is a black coffee.Its negative effect on the body due to the stimulative effect that is due to the presence of caffeine.Of course, many readers have become so accustomed to this drink that will not represent his life without him.And yet, try to use their own phased out in favor of black coffee jelly, fruit compote and kvass.So, it is considered an excellent substitute for a drink based on chicory, which helps to strengthen the joints and helps to get rid of their crunch.Instead of black tea is recommended to use the green as well as a variety of herbal teas.Speaking of drinks, be sure to mention grapefruit juice, which has a unique ability to deduce the excess fluid from the muscles and joints.It suffices to drink juice approximately 100-150 grams 3 times per day (after a meal).Fresh apple juice is also considered a good remedy for sciatica.Necessary health amino acids can be produced not only from animals but also from plant foods.Especially valuable are the fresh fruits that are quickly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, the body providing not only energy but also the necessary material for the construction and repair.

If use of fruit is known to all and is not in question, the vegetables are not so simple.Experts recommend that people who suffer from back pain and pain in the cervical spine, be sure to eat tomatoes.In addition to the high content of polysaccharides, organic acids and minerals, this vegetable is characterized another important advantage: its composition contains a substance called "Tomatin."It can be used in the synthesis of another important element - of cortisone, which is actively used for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.But the number of sorrel and spinach in the diet is desirable to limit.Talking about a balanced diet, we must not forget the important role to be played in it fat.Many popular diets tend to completely eliminate this important element of the diet.However, this is a big mistake.Fats are necessary for us as well as vitamins.For the normal functioning of the spine are particularly important vitamins A and E, which are characterized in that the body can absorb them only together with fats.Thus, the "avoid" fat should not be: safely include in your daily diet is vegetable oil, especially valuable are his grades, as olive, flaxseed and others. Due to the fact that the intervertebral discs are experiencing a constant load, their tissues should be updated all the time.This vital process becomes difficult or even impossible, if your diet lacks the necessary minerals, particularly potassium, which improves the water-salt metabolism and function of muscle tissue.

For the same bone is crucial calcium.In large amounts, it is found in dairy products, and greens.If the mineral is not supplied to the body in the desired amount, it may soon result in various pathologies - from seizures to osteoporosis.For teenagers and young men (aged 11 to 24 years) should receive 1.2 grams per day of calcium;middle-aged men, women before menopause and during - 1 gram.If they do take estrogen dose automatically increases (1.5 grams).This rule also applies to women during pregnancy and lactation: Depending on the age they need 2 grams (under 19 years) or 1.4 gram (after 19 years) of calcium per day.Even if the calcium entering the body in the right amount, it does not mean that he's learned.To do this you must have vitamin D, a daily dose which by international standards is 400 ME.In order to provide the body with calcium and vitamin D, it is recommended to drink daily a liter of cow's milk.If the product is poorly absorbed by your body (this is often the case with adult), you should pay attention to oily fish, eggs and liver.

If you take vitamin D in the form of ready-vitamin preparations, be careful in case of overdose, it can cause poisoning.To avoid this it is better to consult a doctor.The role of B vitamins and an important source of revenue are legumes (soybeans, peas and so on. P.), As well as meat, liver and certain other products of animal origin.Vitamin C is used to strengthen the connective tissue that makes up our ligaments and tendons.Unfortunately, not always possible to use exactly those products that are most beneficial to the spine.The reasons may be different, but the output is always the same - a special vitamin-mineral complexes.It should only remember that their purpose is to deal with the doctor.But even the most expensive and effective drug may be useless if you do not give up smoking.Due to the fact that under the influence of nicotine large and small blood vessels constrict, the necessary nutrients sometimes simply do not reach the muscle and bones.Will be pleasantly pleased and "sweet tooth" as marshmallows, candy, jellies and similar pastries may well stay in your diet.It is only important to use them in reasonable quantities, as well as to give up chocolate.An important role is also given to the various grains, nuts and dairy products.Eggs can be used in any form, but not more than one day.

Based on the foregoing, one can outline the circle of those dishes that need to play a leading role in the diet of people suffering from back pain and spine.These include fruit and milk soups with the addition of potatoes and cereals.Meat, fish or poultry should be lean, the best way to prepare them is considered decoction and steaming.For salads, try to use fresh or pickled vegetables, avoiding pickles, pickles, and so on. N. As a recommended snack or salad vegetable caviar, but from mushroom dishes better position to refuse.In conclusion, I would like to note that nutrition should be given special attention in adolescence and early adulthood, when there is an active formation of the musculoskeletal system (usually the process is completed by 18-20 years).It was during this time period the emergence of problems with the spine, caused by malnutrition, it is most likely.While this does not mean that an adult can eat everything: the more serious health problems, the greater the value to be given to drawing up their daily diet.Now we know how to choose meals with pains in the cervical spine.

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