How to quickly get rid of bruises

So, for what reasons the appearance of hematomas occur?When we hit on something, burst blood vessels and blood spreads beneath the skin.That is why the body there are ugly spots that hurt.In old age, bruises on the body start to appear because the vessels become brittle and worn.

general, women's skin is so tender that a bruise may appear after rough sex, because the young person simply squeezed the arm or the thigh in a fit of passion.That is why almost all the ladies think about how quickly hut To tsya from the hematoma .If you believe the doctors, they say that we should not try to get rid of bruises, because they have to go away.By the way, it was found that the lower body is located a bruise, the longer it will take.For example, the bruises on his face go a maximum of one week, on the trunk - in two, but on the legs can hold up to a month.This fact is due to the fact that the blood vessels on legs above the pressure.Accordingly, after injury, they are stronger bleed.But still, if you need to ge

t rid of bruises as quickly as possible, remember some tips that we provide in this article.

So, in order to get rid of bruises, simple manipulations can be performed on ice.So you need to take a piece of ice, wrap it in a cloth and apply to damage place for fifteen to twenty minutes.Then take a break for half an hour.This method works because the cold constricts blood vessels, respectively, under the skin of pours minimal amount of blood.Incidentally, it is better not to take the ice from the freezing chamber and from the refrigerator.It will be cool enough, but not so hard and more comfortable to use.

If you hit, quickly drag the area that there was a contusion, an elastic bandage.It is best to do so in the case where the blow fell on his foot.Due bandages reduced pressure vessels and from utechёt much less blood.

Bruises can not only cool, but warm.You can quickly get rid of bruises with special warm lotions.In this case, the vessels dilate and blood accumulated quickly move away from the site of injury.In order to reduce the bruise, contusion to the place you need to make a hot water bottle or make a tray.It should be put in place with a hematoma heat for twenty minutes and repeat these manipulations three times a day until the bruise will not disappear completely.Just remember that the heat is not necessary to apply as soon as there was a strike.If you act this way, the bleeding will increase due to swelling of tissues.So, rather than to reduce the bruise, you increase it.

Get rid of bruises quickly help creams that contain vitamin K. It helps to break down and destroy the blood that flowed from the blood vessels and builds up under the skin.Cream with vitamin K need to anoint his bruised place immediately after the injury was inflicted.Thereafter, it is rubbed into the hematoma twice daily until it completely disappeared.By the way, you might think that a similar effect and bring food with this vitamin.But, unfortunately, in the products it is not enough to produce the desired effect on the bruise.

There is an interesting remedy for bruises, called arnica.It can be purchased at any pharmacy.Arnica taken orally or applied to the site with hematoma.But if there is a bruise near the cuts and abrasions better to refrain from the use of this tool.

If you want to disguise the bruise, it is necessary to use cosmetics yellowish.Many try to hide the hematoma creams for skin color, but it is wrong.The fact that the yellow color - it is a mixture of red and blue.And these colors and predominate in hematomas.If you smear bruise yellow foundation, it becomes invisible.

To not worry about bruises, you can buy them immunity.This will help vitamin C. If you notice that the bruises on the body appear from virtually any touch, so you this vitamin is clearly not enough.So try to eat more vegetables, fruits, in which it is, take vitamins and use creams and lotions, as part of which contains this vitamin.Because vitamin C in the body increases the amount of collagen.Namely, it protects the blood vessels and prevents excessive brittleness.But remember that if you go too far with this vitamin, there will not be any good.Moreover, it may become the cause of kidney stones.Therefore, consult with your doctor and drink plenty of water when taking it.

Never forget that the hematoma may be indicative of different diseases.Therefore, if you do not go long bruises, better go to the doctor.You also can not hurt to consult a physician, in the case where:

- hematomas occur without cause;

- after surgery had a tumor, like a bruise that hurts, and for a long time does not pass;

- you have an accident and got a hematoma, which prevents you from normal move and is painful.

But if you know that a hematoma formed after injury and does not give you much discomfort, but to the aesthetic, then you can safely treat themselves.In fact, if applied correctly and on time means that we talked about in the article, the ugly stain will be gone from your body within a few days.The main thing will never let the bruises on your body appeared as a result of violence.Of course, the bruises never adorn women, but even more, they do not decorate the men who make it possible that these markings appear on your body.Do not forget this, love and respect yourself.