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1 not buy bedding silk, silk forbidden the believing men and, therefore, the marriage bed should be decorated with sateen linen or cotton.

2. Colours can be simple or complex.It will be difficult if your spouse or you do not accept the monotony and capricious in the choice of colors.Do not buy sets of duvet covers, pillow cases, sheets of different colors, immediately catches the eye, as if linen changed.When choosing colors, consider the colors that do not like your spouse, why not buy bedding that color, so as not to irritate.Do not buy the underwear of a color that he prefers to wear clothes, for example, dark blue or burgundy or that he really likes.The eyes should rest on what he sees during the day.Linens should create the comfort of home.

3. If you like the image on the linen, it is necessary to consider the following:
- It does not have to be the eyes, fish, butterflies, tigers and so on.
better it will be some flower ornament, or something like that.Do not choose a pattern th

at simply "striking."It's not a picture, and linens need to be modest in his choice.

The packaging bed linen of excellent quality is the density of the weave, it indicates the number of threads in one Its classification is:

- low density of the weave of 20 to 30 threads per sq.See,

- density below average and 35-40 yarns,

- average density of 50 to 65 strands,

- higher than the average density of 65-80,

- high density of 85-120,

-very high density of 130-280 threads per

denser underwear, so it will be more durable.Low density from Batista, average density and lower average has cotton, linen.Above average density would be artificial tissue, Turkish silk.Have a high density artificial fabrics and satin, Chinese silk, percale.And it has a very high density of Japanese silk, satin gloss.

Packaging should be the scheme look like and how many items in the package, fabric composition and recommendations for the care of the laundry.Pillowcases fastened using Valve smell of lightning, with the help of buttons.Duvet covers can be a hole in the middle, such was under Soviet rule, slit, solid buttoned or zipped, can be performed in a pocket, on the short side have an odor.The sheet can be with an elastic band around the edge or be normal.Buyer decide that it is more convenient, it depends on the bed where he sleeps on his tastes.Probably it would be more practical to buy a full pattern pillowcases and duvet covers, sheets and that they are with a rubber band around the perimeter, using it can fix the sheet and prevent it from falling during sleep.

Comfortable underwear.
It is sewn in the whole width of the fabric, no item has no seams and joints in the middle.It looks like the Russian headsets, which are produced for export, the European high-end headsets.But some Chinese and Turkish products, domestic kits are different in that they have the stitches.And here it is not because of bad sleep at the seams.Just linen whole cloth aesthetically pleasing, easier and stronger.Regarding the fortress say one can not say that lingerie is made of two cuts, longer wears, tears, no, it all depends on the material or the quality of the sewing.

At various times, the different tissues are suitable for sleeping .Summer useful flax, such material is breathable, and at a temperature of forty degrees with the laundry will not be warm in bed.This fabric is used in countries where the climate is hot.At any time of the year is good cotton, winter underneath you will be warm in the summer will be cool.For the late autumn and winter silk is good, it is perfectly keeps heat in your body, and how to "breathe."Japanese silk is an exception to every rule, it is appropriate at any time of the year.In Japan, there are silk dressing, many techniques of weaving, we can choose for each month of the year bedding.When buying a set of man-made fabrics, you should know what will be the reaction to them in your body.This feeling of heat or cold, malaise, allergy, these misfortunes are accompanied by the people who buy underwear made of artificial material.We need to approach this choice of bed linen individually.

How often should I change clothes?
If laundry is washed at home, you should choose a light wash and gentle low-temperature program, once a week should be perestilat bed.Then the underwear will not need to be boiled, and it will last longer.During the illness, and in the heat linens need to be changed more frequently.The optimum temperature for washing 60 degrees Celsius.This temperature will be enough to destroy all harmful bacteria for a full cycle.Dry bedding outdoors, since ultraviolet light perfectly natural disinfectant cloth.But terry knitwear best to dry in the dryer.

If you do not wash at home, and use a laundry room, where one temperature, no special regimes, and the cost of the wash is increasing every month, it is necessary to update the bed no more than once every 2 weeks.Dirty laundry does not accumulate and do not need to keep a large supply kits.How much should you have in reserve bed linen?There should be 2 headset on one berth: one is in the wash, the other set to be laid out with.Count on each person, add an extra set if there are guests, but it is at the expense, if you have one kind of underwear the whole year.But if you take into account the seasonal factor will be to lay the summer is cool and fine linen, and in the winter to lay warm and soft, then there should be time to stop.Otherwise, in the linen cupboard you will not have a place, and you fall into serious financial expenses.

beautiful linens will create coziness in your bedroom.Follow these tips and your bed linen will last you a long time.

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