Methods of treatment of headache: migraine

So, what is the main cause of this disease?Everything is due to circulatory disorders in some areas of the brain.That spasm of blood vessels and intracranial pressure are the cause of such problems as migraine.To find out what method of treatment of migraine, it is necessary to understand what caused its appearance.Most often, this is the wrong diet, poor sleep, stress, lack of sleep.

So, if you suffer from headaches, you first need to change the diet and start to relax more.In the event of prolonged migraines often drink fresh carrot, cucumber juice or shpinatovy.It is also possible to mix juice carrots, spinach, dandelion, and, in a proportion of three to one.This drink is eaten three times a day before meals.If the migraine begins from the fact that your brain is too active for a long time, you can eat a whole herring.With frequent headaches, you can use a variety of folk remedies.To get rid of the headache, it is necessary to take one fresh egg and pour it into a glass.Above is necessary to add the

boiling milk, stir quickly and enjoy a beverage.So you need to do a few days in a row, until you realize that we were able to get rid of a headache.

To save themselves from this scourge once and for all, you can use a variety of hot compresses that are applied to the head.In this case, it is best to help a poultice of raw onion.

In fact, in folk medicine has different techniques to help get rid of the disease forever.For example, if you often have a headache, take a cotton ball, soak it fresh juice onions or beets and put into the ear.Also, from a headache in his ears and temples can be put sauerkraut, which is wrapped in a cloth.During this procedure, you must head to tie a towel.To head stopped hurting, you can breathe in equal amounts camphor and ammonia.

Very well helps with headaches pillow, stuffed with special herbs, which have to be based on two or three hours.This pillow should be dried leaves of laurel, laurel, laurel camphor and eucalyptus.

Headaches can also be removed using the technique of contrast baths.For this hands and feet is necessary to omit the hot, then cold water.Another wonderful folk remedy is mustard bath.Preparing it is very simple and easy.We need to take a handful of dry mustard and dilute it with water at a temperature of about fifty degrees.You must get a lot of, like a mush.It is stirred into a bucket of water at a temperature of about forty degrees.

Such fine mustard bath acts on vessels and are more efficient than baths for the whole body.If you decide to make a general bath, they should be in it no more than ten minutes.When mustard bath for hands and feet time is not limited.Just make sure that when the skin begins to redden.

course, such baths can be prepared not only from dry mustard, but also from its seeds and oils prepared on the basis of the product.If you decide to make a bath of mustard seeds, add to the sage.It is necessary to mix the mustard and sage three to two, take three tablespoons of the resulting mixture, pour half a liter of water and infuse for half an hour.By the way, do not need to pour hot and cold water.This infusion is used to treat using hand baths and compresses.

Speaking of baths with mustard oil, then you need to pour water up to half of a half-liter bottle and drip to ten drops of mustard oil.Then spin the bottle tightly and shake until such time as the oil-and-water emulsion will not turn.Here the emulsion and fill the bathroom.

saves from migraines can and should own.Moreover, you need not start when the head ache, and yet at the stage when it still hurts, but losing the sharpness of vision, begin to fly light and dark dots.

So, another way to that proposed for the treatment of migraine, it is cold.To use this method, use the usual cold water from the tap.When you feel that the attack begins, turn on the water and substitute under her arm.But do not hold their real estate and gently rub the friend about the friend.If the water is too cold - occasionally lifting your hands from under the jet.The head has to go through twenty to forty seconds after the start of this procedure.Many girls may wonder why this method works.The fact that the palms have many nerve endings, which affect the development of the headache attack.When they react to the cold, the blood vessels in the head bounce back and the pain is reduced.

In general, if you have a headache - eat ice cream.Take the pieces of this delicious product put on the soft palate in the back of the throat and wait until the palate is not numb and ice cream will not melt.When you do so, the cold affects the hypothalamus and attack quickly terminated.

But, of course, the above methods can not be considered a panacea for migraine.The fact is that this disease is very difficult, therefore, not all methods help get rid of it forever.But still, if you use these recipes, you can stop the attacks as soon as you feel them coming.But it is also a huge plus.So try to always have on hand the necessary ingredients, or at least, a portion of ice cream.Then no migraine you will not be afraid.