Women's counseling: seal in the chest

As shown by recent studies, 95 per cent of cancer patients seeking help in hospitals, as it turns out, suffered for several years from depression.In a variety of sources to find information about what the stress that has accumulated serious offenses, can be a real factor for the development of cancer.Despite various harmful factors only increase the risk of this disease, today the likelihood of defeat illness is as much as 95 percent!According to the Cancer Center of Russia, the death rate from breast cancer significantly reduced and is at its lowest point in recent years.This comforting statistics we have to new methods of diagnosis of the disease is already in the first stage, as well as modern methods of treatment of this disease.

seal in the chest and myths:

  • Myth: If the doctor sends the breast tissue for analysis - a biopsy, so there is a suspicion of cancer .

Fact: This is not entirely true, because only on the basis of this test the doctor can say for sure whether you have any changes, and

that's it.A biopsy is taken to prevent cancer or to confirm that it was possible to accurately assign the appropriate treatment;

  • Myth: Women with large breasts often susceptible to this disease .

It's not your breast size does not depend on the origin and course of the disease;

  • Myth: Mammography - a painful procedure and instead it is always possible to spend US.

This is misleading.Ultrasound is recommended for women under the age of 40 years, because at X-ray examination worse noticeable any changes;

  • Myth: Older women are less likely to develop cancer.

This is not so.Although many women get cancer at the age of 45 to 65 years, it is clear that the disease began to develop in a young age;

  • Myth: diet may even reduce the risk of disease.

This is so only if the diet is not for weight loss.To reduce the risk of cancer, you need to eat more foods that help lower estrogen levels: seafood, cabbage, beans, bran, and the need to consume less animal fats of any kind;

To avoid painful thoughts about what is harmful and what is not, you are at risk, as the cancer is found or not - need to monitor the condition of their breasts and periodic special studies, which were mentioned earlier.Today there are more than 100 different forms of cancer.As you know, women's consultation is very important.Not always, unfortunately, it is possible to identify the disease at an early stage when cure is still possible.Yet there are a number of factors that need to pay attention:

  • temperature of 37 - 37, 3 degrees, which lasts more than one month, as well as swollen lymph nodes and a sense of fever;
  • Change the color of moles, or increase in size;
  • seal in the chest, as well as the strange isolation and pain;
  • male characteristic - problematic urination.

Since we touched on the subject of the latest treatment techniques, learned what quality advice and seal in the chest, I would like to dwell on this important issue in more detail.

1. Bio-electro-cancerous therapy is not such a popular or accepted as the previous method of treatment.This treatment electric current within acceptable norms, resulting in allowing destroy cancer cells.Scientists and doctors believe that the method is best used in conjunction with classical methods of treatment, in order to achieve a perfect result.

2. Treatment targentnymi drugs appeared recently, but has already come to fruition.These drugs target (hence the name) to stop the growth of cancer cells.The main advantage of these drugs is that they act only on the affected cells, no such effect in chemotherapy, which resulted in the die body and further the healthy cells.

3. Precision surgery based on the removal of cancer cells by staining and visible through infrared light.The method helps with millimeter accuracy and see all the affected cells and remove them to after some time again to expose the human transactions, which often happens in cancer.

If you combine the following tips, you can be safe to say - "I have done everything to prevent the occurrence of this disease."

  • First of all, get rid of bad habits.Scientists from different countries proved that alcohol and tobacco are exposed to certain substances in the body, which increases estrogen levels - the main factor for the development of malignancies;
  • necessary to monitor their weight, because women whose weight exceeds the norm by more than 40%, the probability of malignancy twice.This is because the fatty tissue favors the appearance and accumulation of harmful estrogen in the female body;
  • need to fear hormone replacement therapy, which is prescribed to you for a long time;
  • Try a regular basis - once a year to visit the doctor, mammalogy, after 40 years it is necessary to visit the doctor twice a year and always make ultrasound;
  • need to eat right, and it is better to include in your diet are some useful products that will help reduce the likelihood of developing cancer.These include: broccoli, soy, green tea, salmon, almonds, olive oil, tomatoes, citrus fruits and spinach.

Lovely woman, let us not avoid visits to the doctor and to trust only the best, and then we will be healthy and happy.

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