How to stop drinking woman

Many people think that becoming an alcoholic is not easy, because you need a lot of drinking, throw a life and much more.It is believed that alcoholism is a social disease and can occur due to personal insecurity, constant stress or unemployment.But it is not.But why this disease is called "social"?And all because the booze, usually involve friends who have long been engaged in this.

And here we are again reminded about the word "alcoholic."What does it look like?If any passerby to ask: "How do you imagine an alcoholic?"That we, without thinking twice, replied that it was not well-groomed man with trembling hands, with stale breath, in battered clothes and so on. D.

« So what?"- You might think, and in fact, and did the right thing, because it is you and represent.But wait, why is it a man?After all, the word "alcoholic" speaks not only of men but also of women.Yes Yes.You read that right.It was about a woman.Nowadays it is very common is such a thing as a "woman-alcoholic."And it would see

m that this is?But not all so simple.And now let's still a bit we shall understand why the man an alcoholic - it's not so terrible as the woman alcoholic.

Initially, the man - the stronger sex, it must endure everything and everywhere, but let's not lie, habits, they are not indifferent.If such men to his relationship, then what can we say about a woman, because the woman - the weaker sex.It will start with alcohol, and then ... well, drugs and other things that cause addiction.And this must be fought.

Women suffer alcoholism is much harder than men.Women are characterized by a rapid decline in intelligence, acquisition hysterical personality traits and more that quickly leads to loss of jobs.When they go on low-skilled types of work and, in the end, even quit their jobs.

«How to stop drinking woman?"-This Issue of concern to many men who do not drink, and watch as their wives drink too much.Stop drinking the woman is as easy and difficult.It depends primarily on the nature of woman, from her willpower.These are the two main factors, but there are still a large number.Now let's see, a woman is easier to quit drinking.

If a woman has a child, and her husband, then this is an extra incentive to stop drinking.An experienced doctor can in a single session to wean her from drinking alcoholic beverages.It's enough to calmly talk to her, explain that it is more expensive.Although every woman that works differently.One quickly realizes everything, and one you will not agree.Because, for starters, it is best to ask her that, for it is more important?Then work the maternal instinct, which tells it the right way.In most cases, this method works.But statistics show that mothers who drink not too much, which again shows that the maternal instinct makes itself felt.Even if a girl became pregnant while intoxicated, and she is now under the dependence, 90% of it for the sake of the child, to stop drinking.Because to stop drinking in this way is not difficult, just a woman should be married and have a child.

Let's continue down the chain down.Take a woman who has only her husband.It all depends, to a greater extent, from her husband, since he has to send his wife to the true path.My husband has several outlets, but they are not all like him.But before you talk about them, it is necessary to turn to the main question, which asks itself the beloved woman: "And whether or not I do this?".If you are a man, then you are probably thinking that never in my life would not have asked yourself this question, and, of course, always be helped to his beloved.But this is just a delusion.Husband immediately puzzled, because he will not know what to do.His head will be only two answers to this question: to throw her, to help her.The first response, here and think there is nothing, he just throws it.Will submit to the court for a divorce.With this option, everything is clear, as for the second, then there is much that can be said.

Initially, the husband tries to hide from his wife all alcoholic beverages, keep it in an apartment with no money.But women are not stupid men.They, too, find where to get alcohol.One day a man can come home from work and find his wife finishes his cologne.After that, of course, a man does not stand, and again ... back to the beginning.He had two questions arise.The first - is the same, but the second - to take her to the clinic, where she will help.And it will be the best option of all possible, because the clinic is staffed by professional doctors who know their job.But it still depends on the choice of clinics.Choosing need a good, expensive clinic where patients are good, otherwise a woman can come out with mental disorders, with a hatred of the world and other "side effects".

Well, continue down the stairs.Here we turn to young girls, who are often drunk.As a result, stop drinking such a woman would be quite difficult.Help her can only people close to her, and the word "close" are meant only relatives as often, the guy from such persons - More snotty kid who still lives really do not know, he immediately throw it unnecessary alcoholic.

Very often there are girls, whose mother died in early childhood, and then they start to drink, walk, shoot up ... this type of women to stop drinking the hardest.Sam, a girl, do not go to the clinic, boyfriend / husband with her, probably not, because virtually no one to help her.It remains one hope - to friends, who are constantly on the loose and so on.

We have discussed the main points of how to stop drinking for women.Basic ways you here, though not found, but now you know what women like and easier to wean from drinking.But even better, the girls either ruin oneself by drink.After all, if a woman has a child, he is sure to be ashamed of their mother, and in the future it is likely that he will repeat it "exploits".

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