Hepatic steatosis: Treatment

Types and causes of the disease

Hepatic steatosis - a disease characterized by metabolic disorders in the liver cells.It manifests itself steatosis cells.Therefore, the disease is also known as steatosis.

The causes of this disease are many.One of them - a toxic effect on the liver.The most common reason among toxic agents - it is alcohol.Thus, the more its consumption, the greater the rate and extent of development of degenerative changes in the liver cells.

also can develop a drug for the treatment of hepatic steatosis tuberculostatic drugs, cytostatics, antibiotics (especially tetracycline).

Another reason - a deficiency in micronutrients and macronutrients, vitamins and other nutrients.Also, the reason can be a nutritional imbalance - a mismatch between supply and total calorie content in foods of animal protein.If digestive system diseases such as ulcerative colitis, chronic pancreatitis, nutritional imbalance is the main reason for the development of hepatic steatosis.Overeating or malnutri

tion, unbalanced and poor diet, in special cases, may trigger the development of disease.

main cause of hepatic steatosis in those who suffer from cardiovascular disease and lung disease becomes hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

People with the progression of diabetes, especially in the elderly, there are endocrine and metabolic disorders.It is also a cause of hepatic steatosis.Also, the disease can occur when the thyroid gland and Cushing's syndrome.General obesity cells also accompany this disease.

often with erased clinical picture occurs hepatic steatosis, appearing tenderness to palpation and a slight increase in liver.Many marked pain in the right hypochondrium, general weakness, irritability, impaired concentration, decreased performance, increased fatigue, impaired memory.There are also dyspeptic disorders (nausea, discomfort in the pit of the stomach, loss of appetite, taste perversion).

When running, and severe hepatic steatosis may develop dangerous diseases.It diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis, the development of cirrhosis, portal hypertension.

treatment of hepatic steatosis

alone can not cure steatosis, treatment of this disease may appoint a doctor.Treatments include both not pharmacological and pharmacological therapy.If done correctly treated steatosis completely curable - with strict observance of the basic doctor's recommendations.

First of all, you need to balance your diet and give up alcohol completely.Food must contain a limited amount of fat, but enough protein (100-120 g / day) and vitamins.In general, obesity should be limited to the amount of dietary carbohydrates.Recommended foods enriched with lipotropic factors (buckwheat and oatmeal, yeast, cheese).

physical exercise should pay special attention.During remissions need constant light exercise, increase the body's energy expenditure.They thus lead to a reduction of dystrophic changes in liver cells.In exacerbations of motor activity should be limited.Most patients prescribed bed rest.

If you do not follow the doctor's prescription and, mainly, to continue to abuse alcohol, you can not only trigger the development of dangerous complications, but also significantly delay the treatment of liver steatosis.Unfortunately, at constant alcohol consumption, particularly in protein deficiency develop proteinosis cytoplasm of hepatocytes in combination with steatosis, and fibrosis, cirrhosis rolling.

In order to prevent you need to follow the following recommendations: non-alcoholic beverages, treatment of chronic diseases of the digestive system, treatment of endocrine diseases and diabetes.As well as a varied and balanced diet.The correct reception of certain drugs.Knowing about the causes of hepatic steatosis, treatment and prevention medicine has learned to deal with this disease.

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