Finnish sauna: beneficial properties for the body

Finnish sauna is considered excellent by doctors, it helps cleanse the body of toxins and restore muscle tone.That is why the sauna is recommended after physical activity, sports training and fitness.Paired procedures help relieve stress, relax.Sauna positive effect on the whole body skin.

As the skin of its color, elasticity, moisture or greasy, the thickness of its layers, it is possible to judge the state of the organism as a whole.It is believed that healthy skin, thanks to high-quality blood supply, has a pink color.

Useful features a Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna improves the blood supply to the skin of the body.The sauna provides an excellent effect, what is not always possible to achieve using conventional cosmetics.Positively affects a sauna in various diseases.Sauna treats psoriasis, urticaria, furunculosis, eczema, acne, helps nezatyagivayuschihsya wounds and scars.

Sauna different optimal ratio of moisture and temperature.Compared with Russian bath, Finnish sauna much hot: the temperatu

re can reach 100 degrees and the humidity at the same time keeps around 15 percent.

heated air inhalation contributes to the saturation of the blood, mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, stimulating the cells and ozdoravlivayusche acting on the body.With strong heating of the body improves metabolism, which is beneficial to the skin.

Earlier, visiting Finnish sauna, people are just warming up, sweating, and did not use a broom.Now saunas in many countries, including Finland, steamed brooms, pouring stones with water or herbal infusion.

Finnish sauna helps to remove toxins from the body, stimulate the blood supply to tissues, activation of the heart, which leads to a positive result the whole system of blood vessels and heart.

How to behave in a Finnish sauna?

front of the entrance to the Finnish sauna you must take a shower without using soap and wipe dry.Hair watering is not necessary.For those who have not previously been in the sauna, the first call must be no longer than 4 minutes.For regulars sauna visits should last for seven or eight minutes.After the sauna needs to rest for about 15 minutes, and during the following approaches can be increased, but they should not exceed the 15-minute mark.Newcomers and obese should go to the sauna often, but approaches should be shorter.

between taps is recommended to take a cool shower, the water temperature in this case should be gradually reduced.It is also important for the sauna cool drink mineral water, juices, kvass, herbal tea.The sauna is appropriate use of masks, scrubs.You can carry out the procedure wraps.

Women love to visit Finnish saunas because of their cosmetic effects.Experts recommend the use of funds for popular recipes, not store bought.The result of this or that time is not always predictable at high temperatures, and the popular cosmetics tested for years and years of use.

Cosmetics Sauna

masks with natural ingredients can be used after the sauna and in front of her.As a rule, you need to use several kinds of masks having different effects.Masks need to impose no more than 20 minutes, and then rinse them and bear the following means.

on oily skin, you can apply a mask of honey, salt, egg yolk and yeast, ground coffee with honey, cream and salt and others. For normal skin suit a variety of treatments and masks.Dry skin needs cleansing scrub, then applying the mask with honey, oatmeal, coffee.After the mask is removed, you need to moisturize dry skin and saturate vitamins.

mask of honey and salt - the most accessible and simple mask, suitable for the Finnish sauna.Honey put close to the furnace and pour salt in it in small portions and wait until it dissolves.Hot steam and this mask helps to open pores to eliminate toxins, cleanse the skin and its recovery.

Coffee mask is also very popular.We need to take coffee grounds or ground coffee and soft movements carefully applied to the skin.If the skin is dry, you can add sour cream or olive oil.The mask should be washed off with warm water.

Fruit masks also have a lot of fans.They need to be applied after the sauna.Very effective mask, having in its composition of natural ingredients (strawberries, apples, bananas).The skin pores open and cleaned, so all the important substances of natural products are easily absorbed skin.

Finnish sauna and wrapping

Visiting Finnish sauna you can carry out the procedure wraps.The simplest thing - wrap with green tea.This procedure helps to combat cellulite, align the structure of the skin and awaken vitality in the skin of the body.

poured boiling water 5 tablespoons.l.crushed to a fine powder of green tea, stir to give a slurry.It added half a spoon of cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of honey and stir until smooth.Until the mixture has cooled, it should be applied to the problem areas, wrap them with foil and warm up about 15 minutes after it is washed off and the slurry is applied to the skin cellulite cream.Contraindications for such masks are inflammation of the appendages, and varicose veins.

finami invented unusual mask and wrap saunas.In Finland, a lot of peat, which they call "earthy oil" and used anywhere and everywhere.In medicine, it is used to normalize metabolic processes, healing heart disease, skin problems, kidney and joints;in tailoring - for the manufacture of underwear, unique in its naturalness and sustainability.

Finnish sauna peat extract used to relieve pain, improve metabolism, soothe the nerves, normalization of hormonal levels.

contained in peat elements contribute to the improvement of the skin, making it fresh and soft.


Finnish sauna to the human body and may cause harm.Since her visit is contraindicated for those suffering from tuberculosis, cancer, low blood clotting, as well as people with fever, galloping pressure.