Treatment method of bio-resonance therapy

BRT invented Morrel German doctor.First, the method of treatment was called "Mora therapy."This method operates on the principle of the application of its own electromagnetic oscillations that occur when all control and vital processes that occur in our bodies all the time.The cable and electrode, these oscillations is removed in a special electronic device, where they are a modification, and then changed back to human vibrations.Thus man is healed own energy.Foreign matter and energy in this process is not used.The technique can reduce the amount of pathological information, or completely destroy it, thus activate the immune forces of the body.

have BRT no side effects, or any exposure, so this method of treatment can be used for people of any age, including children.The method can be used for any disease.The method can not be called electroacupuncture.This method of treatment is not applied positive and negative pulses.In the human body there is no exposure to direct current.

Indications for use of

bio-resonance therapy

BRT is prescribed for bronchial asthma, allergic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, hay fever.

BRT also good if diseases of the central nervous system.Will the method and phobias, neurosis, encephalopathy, hyperkinesis, vascular dystonia, hyperexcitability in children, enuresis, sleep disorders.

Bioresonance therapy is effective in the treatment of headaches, radiculitis, migraines, neuritis and neuralgia.Will and kidney disease, chronic pyelonephritis, urinary tract, cystitis, urethritis, urolithiasis.

were also marked by good results in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system - degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the joints, including low back pain.

method is effective in diseases of the digestive system - colitis, dysbacteriosis, gastritis, duodenal ulcer, gastro, gastric ulcer.

biliary tract disease and liver disease, may also be an indication for the use of this method of therapy - cholecystitis, pancreatitis, hepatitis.

to solve in the sexual sphere BRT also showed their best side, is used to treat adnexitis, prostate adenoma, prostatitis.

BRT for the treatment of endocrine disorders - climacteric syndrome, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease, disruptions in the menstrual cycle.

Allergy treatment method of bio-resonance therapy

In the fight against allergic reaction BRT showed the greatest efficiency.Allergic reaction is hypersensitivity to certain substances, it may be Citrus, pet hair, pollen.

In this case, the vibrational information using an electronic device is converted and sent to the patient's body.According to the laws of physics, if we impose a wave with its identical mirror images, this can lead to its extinction.However, in such a way to cope with the allergen is not immediately successful, the process will be repeated.This is due to the fact that a person has a complex structure of the organism.Every process information seamlessly allergen weakens, and eventually did completely extinguished.However, this will happen if the allergen was just installed, and if there is "a source of vibrations."Zrazy note that full recovery from addiction to an allergic reaction will not happen, cure allergic to one substance only.

when treated bio-resonance therapy does not help

Conditions that are not recommended for the treatment of BRT are divided into several large groups: toxicosis, anatomical reasons, the state of deficiency in the body, mental reasons, the absence of any vital vibrations.

anatomical reasons - after breaking incorrectly fused bone.In this case, a BRT would be ineffective.

With a large number of toxins in the human body bioresonance therapy will be ineffective.

not help this treatment and mental illness, there is no chance to recover the deficiency of vitamins, trace elements, minerals in the human body.

methods of bio-resonance therapy

developed is two main types of BRT.First - endogenous bioresonance therapy, which is carried out by its own electromagnetic oscillations of the patient undergoing special treatment.The second method - exogenous bioresonance therapy, it is also called induction.

Calibration is done by the impact on the human body by external signals.The individual systems and organs of the body with the received signals are in resonance.For example, this electrical and magnetic fields which are modulated generator suitable resonant frequency amplitudes algorithms.This type of therapy is not only treated, but to carry out prevention and rehabilitation.This type of treatment can be combined with other therapeutic methods.

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