How to cure sun allergy

the emergence of solar allergies or solar dermatitis (photodermatitis, photodermatosis) can affect various circumstances: a long stay in the bright and hot sun;the interaction of the sun with other irritants, such as pollen, pool chlorine, deodorant, cream, medicines.

Allergy some may appear immediately after the first warm sunny days, others while on holiday in Turkey, Egypt, and other hot vacation spots, after a picnic in the woods, meadows, fields, after bathing in the open air pool.

allergy to the sun appears as a red rash all over the body or directly, or on the hands and feet, in the form of skin peeling, swelling, rash pustular small (usually defeat goes parts), burning, itching, redness simple.Children with weakened immune systems often suffer from sun allergy.

Prolonged exposure to hot sun, high doses of ultraviolet rays of different waves, the load on the kidneys and liver, activating the body's defenses to produce melanin pigment, all together for the body is a huge stress, and this is aft

er a cold winter and spring can trigger allergiessun.

Any allergy is primarily a decrease in immunity, hidden insufficiently treated, as well as chronic diseases, lack of vitamins in the body, metabolism, decreased liver function.

photodermatitis, photodermatosis

cause allergy not the sun, but the combination of beams with other factors, may photodermatosis, increased sensitivity to UV light.Photodermatitis divided into endogenous and exogenous.Endogenous caused by internal factors, and exogenous - external causes.Possible causes of sun allergy - phototoxic substances - bergamot oil, diuretics, sulfonamides, anti-diabetic drugs, everything that relates to cosmetics, disinfectants.

allergic to the sun's rays are called "solar herpes" or "solar urticaria."It arises mainly from the long-term presence in the bright sun.

How to cure an allergy to sunlight

  • sure before going in the sun for 20 minutes, use a UV - protective cream, suntan lotion.And after taking a shower, use a moisturizer that is specifically designed to protect and moisturize the skin after sunburn.
  • Coming out of the river water or sea water should get wet, and do not wipe.Wiping, you wipe a towel and blanket application of the cream, which means that you will have to once again applied to the skin of the body.Droplets of water on your body after exiting the water become small lenses that enhance the sunbeams, and thus increases the risk of further burnt.
  • Limit your use decorative cosmetics, gels, creams, scented water, perfumed spirits, because the sunlight they contribute to the appearance of age spots with different color.
  • If you know that you have sensitive skin, then it is best to sunbathing under the tent in the shade, avoid direct sunlight.And even if you do not achieve a bronze tan, but you get a golden tan and you do not have to suffer the discomfort of burned skin from redness and peeling of elevated body temperature.
  • If you have a sun allergy mild, the problem is easily solved ointments, which include dexamethasone, betamethasone, prednisolone.When burning, redness, itching, do not use folk remedies in the form of vegetable oil, sour cream, it will not bring effect.It is better to use special gels after tanning, because they contain anti-inflammatory agents, cooling and soothing the skin supplements, extracts of medicinal plants.
  • Consume at least two liters of fluid that you posposobstvuete the removal of toxic substances from the body.

And if the problem should be solved on the spot to the rash did not spoil the holiday, then the following tips.

  • sure before traveling consult your doctor dermatologist and buy antihistamines.If you travel at the time of taking antibiotics, birth control drugs, carefully inspect the packaging for tagging "causes photosensitivity", if found, then the drugs at the time of rest should be replaced by other means.
  • If there was allergic to the sun, to eliminate the inflammation of the skin should be limited to the appearance of the sun to a minimum.
  • supports the liver drugs that are able to normalize its operations, promote normal metabolism, skin regeneration.These are vitamins B, C, and E, antioxidants, aspirin, nicotinic acid, Claritin, indomethacin, well, in extreme cases tavegil and suprastin.
  • Itching and burning should be addressed ointments, which include zinc, metirulatsil, lanolin.You can use Fenistil gel and drops Zyrtec.
  • Do not neglect the treatment of this type of allergy, because it can cause eczema, and it is more difficult to treat.
  • When you are in the resorts in Turkey or Egypt should immediately see a doctor, they will help you to reduce the inflammation and you will be able to continue to rest.You can go to the "reception" where you tell us how to get to a doctor, who can help, and it may turn out that this hotel has a doctor.

Sun allergy - it's not forever, it is necessary only to find the cause, which causes sun allergy, eliminate it, and you can fully relax in the sun.Children allergic to the sun can age "grow" and disappear.

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