Kiss, its health benefits

¬ęSepun" as the art of kissing .

Even in ancient Japan is not just talking about the medicinal properties of a kiss: it benefits human health.The Japanese believe that the central and the main benefit of a kiss is its ability to charge, both male and female, positive energy.Plus, kissing it, people can get an unforgettable pleasure and bliss of this process.Here is the first indicator of the use of this extraordinary case to health.By the way, just on this occasion, it was the Japanese coined such art as "sepun", which means in Japanese art through language caresses himself kiss.It was the kiss technique called "sepun" is a huge number of species of kisses (rain kisses kissing fire, butterfly, soul, and many others).Most likely, the Japanese before scientists from laboratories and the most famous universities in the world, recognized not only kiss incomparable paradise pleasure, but also an effective means in which is hidden a tremendous health benefits.

benefit not only for the soul .

Of all the kisses, the most positive and effective health, is considered to be a long and passionate kiss, during which actively involved tongue and lips.They "merging together as if dancing a duet dance of fire and passion."In science, "sepun" a kiss, as a rule, is called the "Soul Kiss", but in fact, this kiss health helps much more than a hobby.In our world, this kiss is the well-known and uncommon name - a French kiss, which is the most popular type of kiss in Europe.So, before you run to the drugstore for a variety of pills and potions, hoping for their effective action, not easier just to kiss a loved one in the mouth.And you will notice, how to get rid of depression, fatigue, and even weight loss.A Plus, you save the money and the time devoted to pleasure your loved one and employment.Here you have the properties of a passionate kiss with your loved ones that will definitely show positive results, not only to improve your state of mind, but also physically.

Now, let's say a few words about the main indication for the treatment of kisses.

Kiss and health .

Therapy kisses, according to experts, helps in a lot of situations that are associated with various health problems, like a man and a woman.In addition, the kiss itself has a list of positive features that are sure to help you heal and forget about their problems.So, let's still consider what is really such healing is fraught with a kiss.

1. Kiss performs best way to workout for the cardiovascular system of man.This is due to the fact that it while kissing a man considerably quickens the pulse right up to 150 - 180 per minute boas in girls and about 110 to 120 beats per second, guys.What you do not have a heavy component.Precisely because of this, kissing effectively prevent such diseases as dystonia and disorders associated with blood circulation in the human body.

2. Kissing warn various pulmonary diseases.During a kiss our lungs begin a much more efficient and faster work (instead of the usual 20 breaths per minute, man, kissing, making 60).

3. Kiss is very good painkiller for humans.This is due to the fact that in the process of kissing people distracted from their disease and no longer feel pain.

4. You caries - Kiss.It was during a passionate fusion of the lips, our salivary glands begin to secrete saliva, which has a high content of calcium salts.It is these salts effectively strengthen the enamel of our teeth, thereby making our teeth less susceptible to decay.

5. In addition, the kiss speaks good preventive measure against diseases such as periodontal disease.This is due to the fact that in the process of kissing massaged gums, which entails getting rid of this disease.

6. Kiss is a type of oral vaccine.This suggests that during kissing we obtain about 20% of various bacteria.These bacteria are different from the others that are inherent in man.This entails the activation of our immune system, and thus the generation of an antibody it special.

7. Kiss stands a good exercise.During a kiss, man spends as much energy as in swimming, time 15 minutes.

8. Through kisses can significantly throw off those extra kilos.It is worth noting the curious fact that, during a kiss, a person burns approximately 12 calories.

9. Kissing helps get rid of wrinkles.This is because, during a kiss a person involved in the process 34, the facial muscles, which leads to skin tightening and disappearance of wrinkles.

10. Kiss acts as a good Viagra.It is the process of kiss is capable of very effectively excite both partners.Plus, in human saliva contains an enzyme such as androsterone.This enzyme is able to increase the sexual desire of the partners.

11. Kiss - this is the best remedy for depression and a source of positive sentiment.The process of kiss accompanied by a number of biochemical reactions, thanks to which destroys the so-called "stress hormones."

Here's the basic properties of the kiss, which serves a great healer for health.In a word, Kiss your health!

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