Headache in the parietal lobe

Headache in the parietal lobe - the most common and common complaint, with which most people are drawn to the doctors.Because the pain is in the parietal lobe, as in all other areas of the head, often acts as a clear symptom of the disease.Headache parietal lobe is given to the whole head and can even "give" in the ears and eyes, and by light or noise increase even more.

Such pain can cause a number of factors.Most often, this poor diet, stress, alcohol, smoking, changes in the weather, long work at the computer, physical stress, and more.Parietal pain usually manifests itself occasionally (once a week).Stress that we are experiencing, leading to a reduction in the muscles of the head and neck.This causes such symptoms.By the way, if you know that your parietal lobe hurts because of too low pressure, remember this pain is not as dangerous as in hypertensive attack.

Usually with this type of pain are fighting through a variety of analgesics and sedatives (effelargan, aspirin and so on).If the parietal

lobe hurts not so much to get rid of the pain can be by means of a neck massage or breathing deeply and evenly.It is also a good idea to help a cold compress on his head.And with hypertension, a good result gives drunk a cup of coffee.In order to prevent, it is recommended during every hour to do a break for five minutes, during which the need to knead the muscles of the back and neck.Do not forget about walking outdoors, and gymnastics.If you suffer from chronic headaches, you need to take special anti-depressants.By the way, use the medication for longer than three days a week, doctors do not recommend.Otherwise, it may lead to increased headaches.

Often headache, in this part of the head, can be accompanied by spasms.Such spasms usually given to the whole head, and may even lead to nausea.In this case it is necessary to use drugs that relieve cramps.You can also use cold or hot compress.

way, pain in the parietal lobe can cause common migraine.Migraine - a chronic disease that can be transmitted genetically.In this disease, you annoying light, noise, overcomes vomiting, weakness.Such pain can last several hours and even several days.The main instigators of such pain - different foods (meat, cheese, wine, chocolate), diet, oral contraceptives, bad weather, lack of sleep, and more.Each person causes are individual.Easy migraine treated by conventional painkillers, a compression in the neck or a relaxing holiday.Most often, the parietal lobe, is suffering from cervical type of migraine.As a rule, this type of the disease makes itself felt in 30 to 40 years, and tightly associated with osteochondrosis.People suffering from the disease on, it is mainly those who work in the inactive, sedentary work.

The pain is very given to the parietal lobe of the head and brings a lot of discomfort.You can deal with it by means of special massage for the cervical spine or a complex exercise.In order to prevent it is worth noting the fact on what we sleep, and how the situation is in our head this time.Under the neck during the holidays, it is recommended to lay a solid roller.It is not difficult, but very effective method of preventing this kind of pain.

In the case of constant pressure surges, as we said in the beginning, is to use the desired dose of coffee in a regular manner.Incidentally, the drink in the drink must be one and the same time of day.And after a while, you should reduce the dose.

pain in the parietal region is also caused by various depressions, neurotic and stress.The pain usually spreads all over the head, or concentrate on the parietal lobe.During the period of nervous excitement, it appears once.Treated this pain and calm attitude to positive.You also need to get rid of the depression and nervosa, referring to the therapist.

But a headache of a hangover, is distributed throughout the area of ​​the head, including the eyeballs.To avoid this, after drinking alcohol, coming home and going to bed, drink a few glasses of plain water with two tablets of aspirin.And in the morning, on an empty stomach, drink orange juice.

Here we examined the main reasons that can cause head pain in the parietal lobe.Unfortunately, the universal remedy that instantly able to get this kind of pain is still there.In any case, it is best to find out the main reasons that cause headaches.That's why the best remedy for headaches will be a full examination by a specialist, a visit to which will help eliminate a number of diseases, symptoms of which this is the most pain.Better yet, the problem will help to understand a neurologist or psychotherapist.

to consult specialists in the following cases:

- if the pain is in the parietal region is accompanied by various side effects: fatigue, memory loss, vision, malaise;

- headache increasingly begins to pester you;

- if the headache increases and persists for a long time;

- pain occurs when you touched the head or accidentally touched her anything;

- pain in the parietal part is accompanied by fever, weight in the respiratory tract, dryness in the mouth and constant vomiting.

Here's the main features that the self is not appropriate.Remember that the usual pain in the parietal lobe may be a harbinger of disease.So be reasonable, and consult a doctor.Good luck to you and no headaches!

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