The best, natural, dry red wines Georgian

To start find out how to recognize a good dry wines.Today in the world there are a lot of vintage wines.They differ in color, aroma, have different flavor qualities.The main role in the process of making wine grapes plays that can change its qualities, depending on weather conditions, so that even a brand of wine made in different years, sometimes differ from each other.Rate the quality of the wine tasting help.

instructions :

1. To recognize a good wine, you should follow the scheme "eyes-nose-mouth."

2. poured the wine into the glass, it should be carefully considered, preferably on a white background.Red wines do not contain foreign particles, it has a beautiful color and is never dull.

3. After a visual assessment must be properly smell the wine.Few vzboltnite glass and inhale the aroma.Since under the influence of oxygen in wine chemical reactions, it is necessary once again to smell the drink in a few minutes to determine its aromatic evolution and resistance to oxygen.

4. The final step is

to assess the tasting taste wine.Since the human language is the zone responsible for the perception of different flavor characteristics, the wine should not immediately swallow.We must "ride" a breath of the mouth, to feel the richness of taste, to blame "open."

5. Really good wine leaves a pleasant aftertaste long-playing, and deprived of alcohol or unpleasant taste.

7. If you can not taste wine, you can pay attention to the label producing country of wine.Of the European countries are famous for their wines France, Spain and Italy.All wines can be divided into ordinary and vintage.In France, for ordinary wines are local and canteens.For the production of local wine is used only the best grapes grown in specific areas.This fact is a guarantee of quality and genuine drink.For Italian wines DOC and abbreviations used DOCG, and for Spanish - DO and DOC.For example, if you are in Piedmont, we advise you to buy the red wine category DOC «Boca", which is made from varieties Nebbiolo and Bonarda Vespolina Novareze.Note that in the directories you can find a complete list of wines that are included in the category DOC or DOCG.Thus, each user has the opportunity to buy a bottle of wine, a controlled descent.


  • For wine tasting we need poluellipsoidny glass ("Tulip") volume of 200-230 ml.Glasses can use a larger volume.They must have long legs and thin, perfectly polished, transparent and tapering upwards wall.The main condition: utensils for tasting must be clean and dry, so as not to spoil the taste of the wine.Hold the glass by the stem it is necessary, or the stand and fill - no more than a third.
  • wine tasting is usually in a clean, quiet and well ventilated room at a temperature of 19-22 degrees.When tasting a few brands, usually spit the wine, so as not to blunt the perception.Remember that the wine - a special art, which helps to recognize the real masterpiece of winemaking.

So, the best Georgian natural dry red wines:

dry red wine, thick dark garnet color «Saperavi» - one of the most famous Georgian wines.It is made from Saperavi grape variety.The word translated "Saperavi" means "blood of the earth."This grape varieties go numerous legends.One of them says that in the berries is the lifeblood of the Custodian of the mountains.The wine has a pleasantly tart taste, complex bouquet is filled with shades of mulberry, blueberry raspberry, it is recommended to serve with meat dishes.

known red wine «Hvanchkara» different specific taste with hints of raspberry, has a dark ruby ​​color.It goes well with desserts.Semi-sweet wine "Hvanchkara" is produced from varieties Mujuretuli and Alexandreuli, which ripen in vineyards in Western Georgia.

Georgian wine «Mukuzani» - a great drink with a fruity aroma rich garnet color.The taste of the wine is soft, velvety.It also is made from Saperavi grape and is considered one of the best wines made from this grape variety.The wine is kept for three years in oak barrels, due to the long exposure it has a complex and harmonious taste.It is well combined with fresh vegetables, cheeses, lamb dishes.

semisweet wine color ripe cherry «Kindzmarauli» considered perhaps the most famous Georgian wine.It has a gentle harmonious taste, made from Saperavi.It goes well with fruits and desserts.

semisweet wine «Ahmet» made from grapes Mtsvane has a floral aroma and a pale color with a greenish tint.It should also be noted that the wine "Ahmet" received recognition abroad: one gold and six silver medals of honor at international competitions.


  • Experts advise to buy wine in a pottery, linking it with the technological features of processing "youth drink".
  • best way to manufacture red Georgian wine - Kakheti, based on the aging and storing wine in special pitchers.

Now you know how to choose the Georgian wine - a true elixir of youth.

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