The benefits of dance for the human body

Even ancient Indians had just noticed: "The dance - life itself."And it's not just words - that dance can instantly fill the body with vital energy and bring to life a new and very bright colors.The dance creates a mood.You'd be surprised how dynamic movements can lead to a form to force to smile and love life.

Dancing as medicine

Dancing officially recognized as a medicine for a long time.After all, it is not only the strength to lift the mood, but also to deliver on the many serious ailments.Another inimitable Isadora Duncan beforetime, how did the term "psychophysics", said that mental state of a person directly connected with the movements of his body.In other words, if you move a certain way, you can easily affect the state of their souls."People, keep your arms to the hearts and listen to their souls - then you will understand how to dance," - she said, believing that even the greatest sorrows, fears and negative thoughts leave the person during the dance.

Dance is not only easily removes mu

scle tension - it clarifies the mind, improves the psycho-emotional state, and contributes to the intellectual abilities.Especially dances bring tangible benefits to those who are prone to the accumulation of negative emotions in yourself, who can not just leave them without nerves, tantrums and risk to others.The dance displays from the most severe depression and helps to take a fresh look at the world around us.

proved that dancing reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, leads to normal metabolism and the immune system, strengthens bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.The benefits of dance for the body is not limited to - dance really helps in the treatment of bronchitis and is even able to relieve asthma attacks, as it improves gait, grace, posture, gives harmony and flexibility.And this is not the whole list of useful properties dance.

Remember: never too late to start dancing.The dance is almost no contraindications - you just need to pick up the dance that is right for you.If you have any chronic disease, before the training it is necessary to consult a doctor.Then there would be a good idea to talk with the instructor dance for determining the dose of physical activity.

How to choose a dance for you?

There are dozens of different dance schools.You can always choose what suits you in temperament, and thus will be a huge benefit.A doctor can help choose the dance for specific therapeutic purposes.

most popular today is the style of "Latino."Mamba, cha-cha-cha, salsa, rumba - clockwork rhythm of these dances instantly excite you and make the queen of any party.You forget about the problems with the opposite sex!And most importantly - Latin American dances well affect your figure.The peculiarity of these dances are rhythmic movements pelvis and hips.As a result, you get an excellent workout hip joints, improve blood circulation, especially in the pelvic organs.Also, these dances are the prevention of sexual disorders and gynecological diseases.Latin dance, in some countries formally treat depression and diseases of the spine (the lumbar).

Flamenco - a beautiful way in the treatment of degenerative disc disease.Classes are mainly based on working out the correct formulation of the body.It is perfectly strengthens back muscles, promotes the formation of a royal posture straightens the thoracic and shoulder belt.

Arab dances are considered to be the most exciting for men and women for the most healing.Belly Dancing attract not only for its sophisticated eroticism and plasticity.Through sensual movements, better starts complex deepest of the abdominal muscles and the diaphragm.During the dance, the internal organs are subjected to deep-tissue massage, is the stimulation of the intestine disappears a whole bunch of chronic diseases.This dance is unrivaled preventive gynecological diseases.Also, the development of all the exposed parts of the spine, which gives the body an amazing plasticity and flexibility.And that's not all - belly dancing allow orgasm tremendous force even those who previously considered themselves frigid.

good psychotherapeutic effect to the human body also have Indian dances.They are a great help for people with diabetes, various forms of arthritis and hypertension, as well as help in the treatment of hypertension.

Celtic dances also concluded a special benefit for the person.These dances are able to correct scoliosis and lordosis, as well as to align the shape of the feet.This effect is achieved by the strong leg movements and the need to keep the back flat.This need to stand still and smoothly leads into the work of almost all the muscles.Dance perfectly strengthens calves and thighs, trains respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Foxtrot, according to the assurances of scientists able to prevent Alzheimer's disease.This confirms the results of studies conducted by American scientists.Especially enjoyed the incendiary dance brings people aged.There are no sudden movements, and rhythm involves active work of all organs and systems.The biggest influence dance has on the brain activity of vessels.

Execution waltz - the most romantic and beautiful dance - strengthens the nervous system, affects well on brain activity, strengthens the vestibular apparatus and fills a deep sense of satisfaction with oneself and the world.

It's very simple - to be happy and healthy.The main thing - to choose a suitable for yourself dance.If it is to your liking, then all diseases will retreat by themselves.