Useful properties of Tibetan mushroom

Average milk to acidify the living fungus and thus prepared yogurt, which, in turn, normalizes the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminate many of the problems the human body.In addition, it is believed that it is able to neutralize and bring toxins from our body, as a result of fermentation products in the gut that before applying the fungus intoxicating affects the health of cells, since absorbed into the bloodstream.Displays he also heavy metals entering into our body through inhaled contaminated air, and sometimes through the water from the city water supply.

Milk mushroom promotes the excretion of salts that had deposited in the joints.In addition, it promotes the dissolution and removal of stones from the gall bladder and kidney.Displays of our body disease, pathogens and other hazardous compounds for the human body.

doctors and research scientists agree with the statement that the Tibetan milk mushroom is harmless to the human body, safe natural antibiotic.In addition, this kind of

mushroom is an excellent tool that nature gave us against any allergic reactions.Use of the Tibetan mushroom in atherosclerosis can stop liming the walls of capillaries.

People with excess weight will also be useful milk mushroom as well the fungal yogurt fights the problem of obesity.Fungal kefir is able to raise the tone, increase the body's internal reserves, cleanse and rejuvenate the body.

If you regularly eat a yogurt, we can cure kidney disease, gall bladder and liver, normalize intestinal microflora, cure lung disease.

Everyone knows that milk contains nutritional compounds which are necessary for the human body, in addition to the milk contained in the desired ratio.And during the fermentation of milk kefir fungus such as a significant increase.The beverage due to lactic acid, has a pleasant taste, and dietary properties.Lactic acid stimulates the intestinal tract and promotes that it secretes digestive enzymes.The healing effect of milk kefir grains due to its ability to kill pathogens, so putrid process is terminated and the formation of toxic degradation products.

During lactic acid fermentation and alcoholic content of most of the vitamins that are contained in the fermented milk product is significantly increased.Fermented milk, unlike natural digested much faster and all this thanks to the fact that the main components of the original product unchanged.

fermented dairy products can be consumed even people who do not digest lactose milk, because in such products due to lactose properties of sourdough microflora is significantly reduced.In addition, the yogurt during mowing accumulate free amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, enzymes, antibacterial agents.Proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and mineral salts are easily digestible form it and determines the nutritional and beneficial properties of the yogurt.Fungal

yogurt contains enzymes, pigments, four kinds of milk sugar, 25 vitamins, 250 different substances.Furthermore, in the resulting yogurt contains a plurality of living cells is mainly lactic acid bacteria (1-2 percent of the total weight of the product, or, more simply, one gram of a billion), and polysaccharides.

daily intake of 500 grams of yogurt, according to doctors, can prevent the appearance of cancer cells.Also, daily use (for adults 0, 5l, children 0, 2n.) Tibetan yogurt restores intestinal microflora, including during treatment with antibiotics

Studies have shown that kefir is able to neutralize toxins that have accumulated in the human body, andreduce blood cholesterol levels.

Kefir for products, antacid, and this in spite of its composition, because in its composition are acid.

Kefir helps release enzymes that normalize gastric acidity, due to which the stomach contains less acid, which causes a burning sensation.

will be useful kefir and people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, as it is able to create favorable conditions for the processing of food.

diabetics Tibetan Kefir Mushroom is a must, because they have used the products to limit myself.And so all the people suffering from diabetes, a diet, but the main feature of diet food - easy digestibility, and yogurt in this case greatly facilitates the digestion of food by the body.

treatment cholecystitis, in addition to taking drugs should include appropriate diet, which directly involved dairy products, including yogurt.As for diseases of the biliary tract and gall bladder to consume human food should not annoyingly act on the affected organ.In such cases it is advised to drink plenty of fluids, which are gradually to be replaced dairy products.

Kefir during the rehabilitation period after serious illness or surgery is considered one of the main food because it is useful for health and safety.

can lose weight more secure way for the human body - a milk mushroom to normalize the metabolism.Milk Tibetan fungus can cope with obesity, as it is, splitting fats, converts them into simpler compounds which then itself and excreted.

Can Kefir fungus cope with headache, returned to normal pressure, reduce fatigue.

Properties Tibetan mushroom found its application in cosmetics, where it is used as a means of having anti-aging and whitening effect.In addition, it is used for smoothing wrinkles, removing age spots, strengthen and stimulate the growth of healthy hair.

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