Medicinal properties of bear bile

bear bile has proven its effectiveness in gastritis, cancer, peptic ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer and stomach.It also helps in arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatism, impotence and prostatitis.Facilitates diseases such as radiation sickness, diabetes and boosts immunity.

Bile formed in the largest digestive gland - liver bear.It accumulates in the gallbladder.Research has proven that value lies in the substance, which is called ursodioksiholievaya acid, abbreviated (UDCA).It is present in human bile, but eventually loses its properties.To be healthy, you just need to take the bear bile.Therefore, the natural product is used as a medicament, t. K. Its composition are surfactants.

considered more effective bile brown bears, in others it is less valuable species.

Preparation and use of bear bile

One of the most popular ways to use bile is alcoholate.For it is necessary to take half a liter of vodka and 5 g of bile.Insisting be about one week in a dark place.This infusion should be used on a teaspoon.

If you make a more concentrated infusion, then you need to apply in small doses, drop by drop.The tincture itself, you can add other components.Bear bile, and can be used inside small pieces, and even in the form of ointments.

Medicinal properties of bear bile

first evidence of the use of bear bile in medicine belong to the sixth century.The bile is used in traditional medicine of almost all nationalities habitat, which coincides with the habitat of the brown bear.In Tibetan medicine, bear bile (Undan), adopted in small doses, will help the pain that accompanies diseases such as gallstone disease, or gallbladder disease.Also, it promotes the absorption of fat intake, bile flow, stabilize the acidity of gastric juice, neutralize poisons.

brown bear bile has anti-inflammatory effect, treats ENT diseases, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, intractable abscesses and ulcers, shipitsy, hemorrhoids and sore muscles.

bile cleanses the body of roundworm, whipworm, pinworm, tapeworm, giardia and other.It improves lipid metabolism, has anthelmintic properties and can dissolve cholesterol plaques.

Bile is a natural source of digestive acid (UDCA).It is composed of bile 90 percent of the total acids.Digestive acids present in human bile, but only four percent.People with higher (UDCA) there is increased immunity, good resistance to cirrhosis, gallstones, viral hepatitis, fatty liver, biliary tract dyskinesia, and many other hepatobiliary diseases.

also bear bile is used in a complex consisting of oncology treatment and malignancies.
Present a positive effect on the use of bile after transplantation of tissues and organs: heart, liver and bone marrow.

bear bile accelerates the production of bile and helps it human liquefaction.The bile is used to treat diseases in children, such as JP, t. E. Diskenezii biliary tract.
Based bear bile scientists synthesized therapeutic priories.But properly prepared people tinctures are much more effective than synthesized particularly in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, JP HH and many other diseases.Also, the use of bile effectively with diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, tumors, radiculitis, colitis, and others. Bear bile promotes wound healing, boosts immunity, purifies the blood, and is recommended for people who have had infectious diseases and simply to raise vitality.
Cost bear bile is up to 2 m. Rubles per gram, black bear gall much cheaper.

to properly store and preserve the bile, otherwise the healing properties of bile disappear.