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Cocktail with Mango

  • large mango slices - 2 pieces
  • rum syrup - 15 grams (cooked separately)
  • vodka - 30-45 grams (qualitative)
  • orange liqueur - 15 grams
  • average lemon - 1Slice
  • dark rum - 1 cup (for rum syrup)
  • sugar - 0.5-1 cup (for rum syrup)
  • ice cubes - 1 cup (for rum syrup)

1. FruitMango Wash and cut thin slices of flavorful.One fetus can last for 8-10 cocktails.2. Prepare rum syrup in store.To do this in a small saucepan over low heat, boil rum and sugar in this proportion.Heat the rum until the sugar is completely dissolved.Before use, let the rum syrup cool.3. Mash 1 slice of mango with rum syrup, place them in a shaker and shake well.4. Add the ice in a shaker, vodka, liquor, to squeeze out the juice from the lemon slices.5. Shake the drink and pour into a martini glass triangular.Gorgeous cocktail is ready!

Servings: 1

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