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Cough treatment of folk remedies during pregnancy

course, can not be treated independently, using the medication without any control.What would be expensive and well-known medicine and pills cough have occurred to him to drink, however, during pregnancy is best to seek the advice of a doctor.If you suddenly appeared unwell, you have a fever, you started coughing or sneezing, immediately contact the treating doctor, otherwise you put your pregnancy at risk.

During the first trimester of pregnancy have whatever medications and taking them highly undesirable.That is why the early stages of pregnancy require treatment cough only safe for the future mom and her baby means and methods.The safest method is to treat cough folk remedies during pregnancy.

You may ask: how do you get rid of cough, using only recipes of traditional medicine?And it's simple.No need to be lazy.It should be targeted regularly to clean up his own throat, and folk remedies, known to us from childhood.This rinsing and inhalation.

Perfectly can help in the treatment of cough during pr

egnancy and various kinds of herbal teas.They are safe and useful as well as various natural grass charges.Below we consider in more detail the methods of treatment of cough in this difficult period, pregnancy, and give the most simple and safe recipes to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the common cold.

First you need to talk about cough and its nature.In pregnancy, cough, even with sputum - unpleasant signals announcing that the body is brought infection.As has been said, pregnant women in the event of cough should consult your doctor who will determine the cause of this condition and will control the disease and recovery.He will establish: a dry cough or a wet, whether it is a spastic, when and how it occurs, and so forth.

If the cough occurs departure of sputum, it is called productive or wet, or if the sputum is not present, - counter-productive or dry.Nonproductive cough is accompanied, as a rule, infections of the upper respiratory tract.But it can also have an allergic nature.When dry cough turns into moist, it will soon not wait for recovery, because it is a clear sign of improvement of the pregnant woman.

Cough during pregnancy: What's the danger?

Dangerous it that it during pregnancy can turn into a chronic stage, which then require the use of strong drugs that endanger your health and the health of your unborn baby.That is why treatments should be timely appointed doctor and carried out in full compliance with the recommendations.If you have a bad cough, it is very dangerous at low placentation (placenta previa), because when coughing severely strained muscles and can cause sudden bleeding.

And now a few words about the methods used in folk medicine to treat a cough at home during pregnancy.

1. Rinse with infusions, soda mixture.

To rinse can be used decoctions of chamomile, sage, mother and stepmother, St. John's wort.These herbs can be used separately, and combining with each other.A mixture of soda rinse is prepared as follows: a teaspoon of baking soda diluted with water (warm), and a couple of drops of iodine drip.If you have observed individual intolerance of any of components, or may be allergic to something you cough treatment is contraindicated.

2. Inhalation.

unproductive (dry) cough during pregnancy to help relieve inhalation of vapors concoctions sage, plantain, linden flowers, bean trefoil, chamomile.A few days later, when the cough will go in the wet and begin withdrawal of sputum, you can use other herbs.Wet cough during pregnancy can be treated with inhaled decoction of wild rosemary, yarrow, cranberries, eucalyptus leaves and succession.But inhalation may be carried out on a pair only if your temperature is normal and not enhanced.

3. syrups and herbal teas.

perfect expectorant and antitussive - blackcurrant tea leaves mother and stepmother, and plantain.If pregnancy can drink onion syrup and syrups that doctors recommend for children.Pharmaceutical preparations such as "Doctor MOM" and "Gedeliks" can be safely attributed to the funds authorized for elimination of cough in future mothers.