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Elevated leukocytes in urine during pregnancy

leukocytes in the urine of pregnant women should normally be between 8 and 10 in one ml.If your doctor has found permissible number of white blood cells, it means that the kidneys are working normally, and whatever else the inflammatory processes in the body are no future moms.If suddenly a woman before conceiving a baby ill with any disease associated with renal activity, during pregnancy it is quite possible the emergence of a variety of complications, so the urgent need to take action and prevent the dangerous and unpleasant consequences.It often happens that a woman during pregnancy, when losing a urine sample, not carefully observe good personal hygiene, which strongly influences the accuracy of urine tests.As a result - increased leukocytes in urine during pregnancy.To eliminate the possibility of other inaccurate analysis, it is necessary to observe basic rules of hygiene, which now seems to know everything.

But you scrupulously follow the rules of hygiene, and the survey you have found an incre

ased content of leukocytes in urine.In this case, the doctor must assign you additional tests.The "doobsledovanii" You will definitely nominate procedures to check kidney function and the presence or absence of inflammation of these organs.The doctor will need to know: is there in your body infectious foci.

complete diagnosis of your body will help to establish the cause of "bad" analysis and allow appoint qualified treatments.The increased number of white blood cells in the urine of pregnant women may be time to show the occurrence of leukocytosis.The development of this disease occurs rapidly enough ailment just two hours, the disease is often preceded by significant bleeding.

As you know, the white blood cells - a special cell groups in human blood cells differ in appearance and function.The primary function of leukocytes is to defend the human body.They produce antibodies, which are actively involved in the reactions of the immune system of the body of any person.White blood cells are able to destroy the harmful elements in the human blood.

Regarding the quantitative composition of white blood cells, it is much inferior to other components of human blood.Upon delivery of the urine, even visually, you can determine how you feel today."Bad" tests can be determined, as they say, to the naked eye without the intervention of the laboratory.

If the content of white blood cells in the urine during pregnancy exceeds the allowable amount, the urine is turbid, and the bottom could fall out mucous loose sediment.Elevated white blood cells in a pregnant woman say that, perhaps, is an inflammation of the vulva, urinary tract, vagina.And that you are not all right in the kidneys.When you check the signs of vulvitis or vaginitis are not found, then an urgent need to appear and be examined by a nephrologist.

Elevated white blood cells in the urine of a pregnant woman and could mean the development of cystitis, inflammation of the bladder.It often happens that such diseases can be completely without any symptoms.And sometimes when these ailments observed frequent, painful urination.

Cystitis in pregnant women are often treated very effectively and quickly.Within ten days, the disease can be treated successfully, and it will not affect the health of the unborn baby.More dangerous disease of the pregnant woman, which can mean an increased number of leukocytes in urine, it is pyelonephritis.It's quite unpleasant disease for the future mother and for the baby.And for its prevention and treatment by doctors it will put a lot of effort.

In conclusion, I want to say about that every pregnant woman has not avoided the regular delivery of analyzes, because timely diagnosis of the state of your body - is the key to the birth of a baby with excellent health, as well as the need to maintain your health at a high level.We wish one thing: that you took care of yourself and your baby!

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