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Cytomegalovirus infection and pregnancy

In fact, cytomegalovirus infection and pregnancy - the notion of going there.Throughout the world, pregnant women are affected more often cytomegalovirus.According to various data, the incidence of pregnancy from 80 to 100%.In 30-60% of children with early symptoms of cytomegalovirus infection occur in the first year of life.Are infected with the virus by contact from a sick person, and the disease itself is most often occurs in acute or asymptomatic form.

Cytomegalovirus infection if detected, almost all fluids of the human body.It turns out that you can easily get infected by droplets through unprotected sex, it is not excluded as intrauterine infection of the fetus and the transmission of the virus to the newborn during birth or during breastfeeding.This implies that the risk of infection is highest in the first the first year of life, and then at the age of onset of sexual activity.

Cytomegalovirus sometimes life is in the human body, but any signs of the disease are usually absent.Man, however, a

ll this time could theoretically spread the virus and the source of infection.By reducing the rapid development of immunity possible infection.

infection and pregnancy

clinical manifestation of CMV infection is nonspecific.The disease is sometimes accompanied by fever, lymph nodes begin to grow, felt pain in the muscles, weakness.Physicians often put in this case, according to symptoms, the diagnosis of ARI.

However, if you do not start treatment, patients may develop pneumonia (lungs begin to become inflamed), ulcers of the stomach and intestines, the situation may be complicated as hepatitis and myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle).In many cases, this diagnosis set and fails.

Cytomegalovirus infection and is especially dangerous during pregnancy.This is by far the main reason why women are threatened miscarriage and premature births occur.For the fruit of such an infection risk of severe malformations: affected the brain, eyes, often ends up intrauterine fetal death.

most unpredictable and severe outcome is possible if a woman is infected with cytomegalovirus directly into the pregnancy, when a woman has no immunity to it.In such cases, there is a so-called "pregnancy cytomegalovirus", during which the virus to quickly penetrate directly to the fetus.If the infection occurred long before pregnancy, the body at the time of pregnancy has formed a number of protective antibodies against the virus, which significantly reduces the risk to the fetus.

Congenital infection - symptoms

During the detection of the virus in the blood smears or pregnant significantly increases the risk of intrauterine infection.This indicates that the beginning of an active process.Here are the typical symptoms of congenital viral infection in newborns:

- developmental delay, which began during the period of fetal development;

- enlarged liver and spleen;

- jaundice;

- the presence of a rash;

- number of violations of the heart and nervous system.

full-term baby is usually protected from infection.In normal pregnancy, the placenta is not permeable for CMV infection, but sometimes the virus can penetrate the placenta and modify it so that it becomes porous, and the virus can easily penetrate to the fetus.At the end of pregnancy protective antibodies from the mother are transmitted to the fetus, so children born at term, are largely protected from the effects of infection.

can diagnose CMV by passing an ordinary blood and urine tests, swabs, which can be easily detected the virus.In the blood, the more likely it is determined antibodies to it.Until now, there is no special treatment of cytomegalovirus infection.For treatment use several drugs that increase immunity.

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