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Useful tips for pregnant women

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Pregnancy - a special time in a woman's life, it is most often tense because of the physical and emotional changes.It is important to use these helpful tips to pregnant women.

First you need to think about the need to relax and take it.Relaxation should be such - often walk in the fresh air, the day useful short sleep, read a good book, just stay in silence or listen to relaxing m

usic.Relax importantly, it helps to reduce daily stress that is present in pregnant women.

known that a woman begins to get nervous when the time comes to give birth.You should be prepared for the fact that you may be dragging pain abdomen.It should be close to the bathroom!Since problems may arise with the bladder.When pregnancy is going to the toilet more often than before.This happens because of the growth of the child, which compresses the bladder, from a desire to restrain this becomes difficult.This is normal during pregnancy and worry about it should not be.

Another important aspect in the list of useful tips for pregnant women - nutrition.In addition to the use of both prescribed vitamins need to eat healthy wholesome food - it will contribute to the healthy growth of the child.If you have a limited intake of vitamins, minerals, it can lead to poor child development, birth defects and premature birth.

When pregnancy is in any case can not smoke, drink alcohol and use of any drug.

During pregnancy, it is important to observe the rules of the organization's wardrobe:

  • Wearing pressing on the abdomen or waist to cut things can lead to negative consequences affecting the child, so you need to wear pants or skirts preferably with an elastic band or majoringSpreading belt.
  • apparel fabrics should be natural, better than cotton underwear, socks and stockings do not have to cut up, to avoid zastoporivaniya blood in the legs.Pantyhose should be specifically for pregnant women, with a bandage.
  • winter clothes have to choose a light, warm, cozy, and shoes with non-slip soles.From high heels should be avoided and replaced them with a shoe on a small platform.
  • order not to cause allergic reactions in the body in the fur, especially on include the long, used in her wardrobe during the period of pregnancy it should not be.
  • is not recommended for pregnant women to wear clothes dull and ordinary-looking tones.The kid is very good feel your emotional mood and will respond to the color of clothing.
  • Prefer roomy shirts that will not hamper your movements, various cardigans, knitted dresses free cut.
  • Refusing to swim in the pool due to changes in shape silly, swim during pregnancy is very useful and even necessary.
  • for evening dresses, you can opt for a dressy blouse complete with, a dress made of light fabric developing, which will create a layered effect.

Useful tips during pregnancy, when emerging illnesses:

  • If there is excessive sweating, the clothing must be made of natural fabrics, so the skin can breathe, showering should be more likely to take a bath with a decoctionsage.
  • If sweating feet, every day should do foot bath of decoction of oak bark, chamomile help rubbing feet broth - per liter of water, three tablespoons of chamomile.
  • If there is a lack of iodine, you need to have more buckwheat, walnuts are also useful inclusion in the diet of seaweed.
  • To get rid of the headache, suddenly appeared, you can use the following ways: drink 100 grams of fresh carrot juice, then eat something;or rub whiskey lemon peel, effectively and use the essential oil, which is used during pregnancy is not recommended.
  • If it is difficult to fall asleep, you can drink a glass of warm milk with honey.
  • There was a rattle in his voice?It would be appropriate to cook carrots in a glass of milk and drink small sips the liquid.
  • If the pressure has risen.You can moisten the two handkerchiefs equal to 6% of a mixture of vinegar and water, and for five or ten minutes to hold on the feet.
  • If nose bled.We need to put ice nose or nasal passage to put cotton wool soaked in salt water and lie on your side.
  • When inflammation of the eyes and fatigue helps chamomile broth, followed by a flush eyes or put on the eyelids moistened cotton pads.If eye fatigue can be put on the eyes warmed raw potatoes.
  • If for no apparent reason appetite, you need to go for a walk, fresh air helps to restore appetite.
  • When shooting in the ears.Geranium leaf, rolled into a tube and inserted into the ear opening, you can get rid of the pain, otherwise consult a doctor.
  • If you drop your hair during pregnancy is normal.But if the amount of hair shedding increases, the power required to include fish, seafood, dairy products, apples and carrots.Also in the hair rub burdock oil and wash your hair decoction of the roots and Lopukhovs willow bark in equal parts.
  • If plagued by constipation, it is necessary at night to drink a glass of kefir.Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially apples, carrots, beets.
  • Toxicosis accompanies the majority of pregnant women, a universal means of getting rid of it is not, but the morning sickness will help to cope dried fruit, black weak tea, non-carbonated mineral water on an empty stomach, hazelnuts, orange.

If they have questions - do not hesitate to ask their doctor, the changes in your body you should not bother them in due course replace the long-awaited event - motherhood - the best moments in life.