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Conception boy calendar method

It's no secret that in our time, couples are more conscious approach to the future baby's sex.Today there are many ways to plan the sex of the child.These methods are becoming more progressive.Most of these techniques invented by women.

Today we seem ridiculous and absurd the methods that were used by our ancestors.For example, a few centuries ago, people believed that if, during the performance of marital duties to put the ax under his pillow, then a boy, and if the hammer, it will be a girl.Also, if in the process of creating a male heir to wear manly hat, it's a boy.

Modern methods of planning sex of the child are far removed from those that were before.They now have a scientific basis.No account is taken genetic predisposition, food drink before and during pregnancy, and, of course, the blood of the future parents.

Modern women are very popular conception of the calendar method.This method is based on calculations for the calendar.The calendar method is based on scientific evidence and in most ca

ses will help to predict the sex of a child.

How does it work?Everything is quite simple.Everyone knows that the female body works in cycles.The main objective of this process - the maturation of the egg and its readiness to fertilize.This is called ovulation.Ovulation occurs in women around the middle of the menstrual cycle.Each individual it.The most favorable time to get pregnant - it is two days before ovulation and a week after ovulation.You must correctly calculate and determine the time of its ovulation.But this is only the beginning of all the calculations.

As is known from a school practice, sex of the child depends on how you connect with the chromosomes of the fertilized egg.The combination of XX chromosomes belongs to the girl, and XY chromosomes - the boy.

Calculations on the calendar method of determining the sex of the child is based on the theory of vitality chromosomes.The theory is that Y chromosomes, that is, men are more mobile and less viable.X chromosome, on the contrary, a slow but more tenacious.If intercourse took place in less than a day before ovulation, or immediately after it, it is a conception of a boy with a probability of 80%.This is because, as mentioned above, that Y chromosomes are more mobile.If intercourse has occurred more than a day before the maturation of the egg, or the day after ovulation, then the probability increases to conceive a girl.

To veracity of this theory, scientists have come through a lot of research.The data obtained from this study lead us to the connection between the floor and the child during the day, when there is a conception of it.

Now you do not it will be difficult to count on the calendar method, when there will conceive a girl, and when the boy.Remember, this method is the main thing - it's the exact definition of the day of ovulation.To determine the exact day of ovulation, it is necessary to monitor changes in temperature base, watch the structure of emissions.But today there is a more reliable method of determining the maturation of the egg - it tests for ovulation, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

If a woman ovulation falls exactly in the middle of the calendar cycle, it may be advisable easier way to plan the sex of the child.In odd-numbered years the mother's life in even-numbered months such as February, April, June, August, and so on. E., More likely to conceive a boy.And, accordingly, increase the likelihood of conceiving a girl in even-numbered years in odd-numbered months, such as January, March, April, and so on. D.

Of course, these methods do not give an absolute guarantee of determining the sex of the child.Female body itself is a very complex structure.It is affected by many factors.If we are going to experiment, it is best calendar method you will not find.