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Pregnancy at an early age

Statistics early pregnancy

Most of these pregnancies too early, usually unplanned.This implies such a sad statistic: 70% of pregnancies are not hatched, resulting in abortion (very often - late on deadlines), 15% - abortion, and only 15% - delivery.And only half of the children born to teenagers enters the family, while the rest remain in the homes abandoned baby.

What is considered to be an early pregnancy?

pregnancy say "early" or "juvenile" if it occurs in teenage girls in the lowest age group from 13 to 18 years.Girls at this age often begin to live the intimate life only to appear "better than others", and the widespread promotion of sex is given here not the last role.The survey showed that only one-third of sexually active teenagers use during intercourse the condom, one-third - have resorted to the interrupted sexual intercourse, and the rest do not protect themselves.Approximately 5% of schoolgirls surveyed had once experienced early pregnancy.

What are the dangers of teenage pregnanc


psychological aspect

often the very early stage of pregnancy in teenagers do not notice.They knew about their situation with a big delay.Of course, the first reaction - a sense of shame, a sense of fear, shock, tremendous guilt, confusion.The girl did not want to accept what has happened, she is afraid, panicking.At an early age, the child is still in effect, it is difficult to cope with the surging problem and the emotional side.Here much depends on the nature of the adolescent and his relationship with his parents.Some fall into a deep depression, others - wait for some "miracle", in which all will be solved by itself.

girl is not able to independently decide what to do with this pregnancy.Before it gets complicated and terrible question of choice - to terminate the pregnancy or to keep it?That is why it is so important to a teenage girl next was a man understands that can support and help.It is not always one of the parents (unfortunately) - it can be a favorite teacher or best friend's mother.Someone has to help her cope with the despair and accept adult decision.

physiological aspects

course of pregnancy at an early age does not differ to any significant moments of the pregnancy of an adult woman.And this is its danger.There is a tendency: the smaller the age of the expectant mother, the greater the risk of complications and the presence of disease as a child's, and her own.

risk to a pregnant teenage girl:

1. The presence of anemia (decrease in the level of hemoglobin in the blood);
2. Hypertension (high blood pressure);
3. Early and most dangerous - late toxicosis;
4. Pre-eclampsia;
5. Lack of weight during pregnancy (due to poor organization of power, an unhealthy lifestyle);
6. Placenta previa (due to a failure in hormone production);
7. The threat of miscarriage;
8. The threat of premature birth;
9. The presence of complications in childbirth - obstruction of the fetus, the need for caesarean section (due to the narrowness of the pelvis clinical);

risk to the child:

1. Children prematurity (the earlier the birth, the higher the risks inherent problems with vision, breathing, digestion and overall development of the body);
2. Low birth weight (2, 5-1, 5 kg);
3. Presence of fetal hypoxia;
4. Risk of birth defects;
5. Failure to breastfeed (due to lack of motivation of teenage mothers);
6. The threat of stunted physical and mental development.

Most of these problems stems from the fact that teenagers are still immature physically, their bodies are not fully developed and did not develop the desired degree.Very often pregnant women aged 13-17 years in general ignored the correct diet and behavior is not observed, which leads to complications for mother and baby.

social aspect

pregnant teenage girl is very often faced with condemnation and censure.Therefore, it was initially afraid to admit what had happened in the first place to his parents, and is left alone with the problem.Because of early pregnancy girl sometimes forced to drop out of school, thereby putting an end to the howling future education and career opportunities for self-realization.

Prevention of complications of early pregnancy

pregnant teenage girl has the right and duty of his position to obtain timely assistance of experts (early registration at the gynecologist), and the support of others (father of the child, family, doctors, and so on. D.).Only in this way significantly increases the chance of their own make and give birth to a healthy baby.

also to prevention of complications during childbirth is considered to advance (1-2 weeks before the deadline) hospitalization of a pregnant teenage girl in the department of pathology at the local hospital.There will be a course of preparatory and restorative treatment, and the girl will receive timely assistance in case deliveries begin early.

prevention of early pregnancy

1. Maintaining a trusting relationship with the child, a teenager, that includes candid conversations on "forbidden" topics,

2. Organization of sexual education of adolescents at school, watching movies, lectures on the topic of sexuallife, methods of prevention and early pregnancy,

3. Provide a complete and diverse information about modern methods of contraception (requires self-education of the parents).

Remember that a teenage girl always has the potential to give birth to a healthy baby.Proper lifestyle and early observation by a doctor - the key to successful resolution of pregnancy.