Using fractional laser cosmetology

rejuvenation procedures performed using a special device - fractional laser, based on the action of which is infrared radiation.Using the technique of laser exposure is conducted skin rejuvenation without resorting to surgical and medical effects.The advantage of this method is its effectiveness after a short course, and there is no need for rehabilitation.Using the laser helps launch the mechanism of natural tissue regeneration that occurs due to the formation of collagen self.

In modern medicine, there are no analogues of this technique which would meet the same characteristics and had such high levels of performance.It is a fact, and it is confirmed by clinical studies.This procedure does not require surgical intervention, but the effect is not nearly as good.The cosmetic use of this method - practically the only effective way to eliminate the striae (stretch marks), appears on the skin.

Indications for use hardware laser rejuvenation

Using the technique of laser rejuvenation can effectively so

lve the problem of wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, saggy belly, double chin.For a long time, these problems can not be solved without a scalpel plastic surgeon.The consistency and efficiency of this method are time-tested.

Using this method, it is possible to eliminate the traces of acne, improve skin condition after burns, and the scars should not exceed three years ago.

Women can now look much younger than his age, thanks to modern advances in laser medicine.

Over time, the skin, in a particular place can form tumors: vascular spider nets, "wine" spots, rosacea, telangiectasia.All of this can be destroyed using a laser technique to the skin, including termolifting.Compression, ie coagulation of skin tissue, controlled by the unit and contributes to the development of collagen.

impact of the laser on tissue allows us to implement microcoagulation skin tissues, which contributes to the development of its collagen tissue.Minimal damage to the skin helps to provide fractional.The skin retains the ability to repair itself.With this method there is a gradual elimination of dyschromia skin (color change) and restore skin structure.

Methodology effects on the skin fractional laser used in the removal of stretch marks.The process of grinding is painless and safe.Sessions remove stretch marks based on technology with contact cooling and smooth pulse.

Exposure of the skin fractional laser can replace phenol peeling.By the way, peeling - a rather painful procedure that requires a long recovery.

Violations skin structure

condition of our skin its elasticity depends on the condition and quantity of elastin and collagen in it, because the collagen fibers form a natural frame.Methodology hardware laser exposure to the skin improves skin tone of the neck, face, décolleté, hands.

formation of new collagen fibers with age and due to various negative factors slowing, and existing - are destroyed.As a result, it destroys the structure of the skin.It becomes loose, it becomes uneven terrain, wrinkles appear.

How does fractional laser

laser beams warm up and stimulate the deeper skin layers.Collagen fibers then become more dense and thick, lifting and smoothing skin thickness, acting similar to a spring.

result is usually seen after the first session and lasts a long time.Three or four treatments and lifting effect will last for several months or even six months.

way, lifting - not the only result of the sessions.These procedures allow to get rid of stretch marks, which are considered the most complicated aesthetic skin problems.The appearance of stretch marks by using creams and massage can only prevent, but not removed.The laser destroys the effect of stretch marks, which appeared recently and had not managed to turn white and scarring completely.Also improves the general condition of the skin.

as exposure to infrared rays

Infrared deep heat helps the skin layers, causing the formation of collagen, restoring skin structure, increasing its elasticity.The skin is no longer droop in the neck, hips, abdomen, buttocks, the inner side shoulder laxity disappears.The procedure involves action termoliftinga.

Contraindications for laser skin rejuvenation

To perform this method of rejuvenation, there are contraindications.This disease psoriasis, epilepsy, oncology.It is not recommended to carry out these procedures in pregnancy.

hardware laser rejuvenation procedure

before the procedure is necessary to remove makeup.Pain does not occur, and therefore do not need to use anesthesia.Under the influence of fractional laser can feel only a slight tingling sensation.Immediately after the session remains on the skin redness and slight swelling of the lungs, which disappear after a while.And the wrinkles and creases are smoothed out and disappear instantly.

If the procedure was aimed at the correction of scars and stretch marks, after a session band edge effects become white, and the inside area of ​​the skin turns red.After the procedure you need to follow the instructions of the doctor, and moisturize the skin.

procedure is carried out in the course depending on what kind of aesthetic problems and what you need to decide the scope and the condition of the skin.Typically, it takes two to four treatments.

Between sessions will take some time - three or four weeks, and after therapy to avoid bright sunlight and use sunscreen with a level SPF above 30.