How to organize a children's holiday at home

Organization of child birth at home, many parents consider as the most optimal and profitable option celebration.First, your child all the time is directly under the supervision of parents, and secondly, you can, flashing their imagination to do something special and do not forget that just does not look fresh and primitive and really bring joy to the baby.And third, it can significantly reduce your financial costs to the organization, and thereby saved the money you can spend on an expensive gift for the birthday child.So, let's move on to how to organize a children's holiday at home.To this day it was the most memorable and colorful for you and your child.

First of all, let's start with the selection of a premise (room).Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that on holiday you're sure to invite your friends to your child, and children are known to need a lot of free space for games.So here is the biggest sacrifice for the area of ​​the room (the living room).If it is still not enough spa

ce, try to free him, even that by rearranging the furniture.Pieces of furniture that allow it, you can move to another room or to interchange to increased space.Do not forget to remove, as far as possible, all breakable objects made of glass or ceramics.

Regarding the design and decoration of the room, it is worth to use as many colors and paints.Repainted, of course, the wall color in the rainbow is not worth it.It will be enough that you buy a lot of multi-colored balloons inflate and attach them where possible.Just do not forget the colorful posters that can be done by hand.Well, if you know how bad draw.If you still have this gift bypassed party resort to a simple method for "scissors and glue."Cut out the special children's magazines are bright and colorful pictures of flowers, animals and so on.Complementing this is all obtained in the same way cartoon characters and stick it all on a huge sheet of paper.Here is the finished poster.Place them on the walls, adding, all the same, balloons.Now we directly go to the festive table decoration.We begin with the tablecloth.It is worth to remember that it must necessarily be bright and positive.Buy in advance for such cases special fabric with a cheerful picture.And, as they say, the issue will be resolved with a tablecloth.With regard to serving and decoration of the table, there is also little to do everything in a different way than usual.Still, the main visitors - children and it is worth remembering.Next to each dish you can put a small soft toy, it will amuse every child.From napkins, you can make different figures, by their collapse.But, be sure to put the dishes is with pictures.Every child loves this small, but pleasant thing.Remember this for yourself when you were at that age.

make ready the whole mountain of dishes is not worth it.Many children still do not eat, the main stock up as much as possible a variety of juices and drinks.A notable emphasis put on the organization of a sweet half holiday, because children are very fond of.Everything that you prepare and submit your on the table, do not forget to colorfully decorate using herbs and other culinary tools.And yet, what kind of name day without a cake.Cake for the birthday should be a great and do not forget to attach the candle to him, in an amount corresponding to how many turned to the child.Make it worth while the lights, light a candle all, let the baby will blow them, making a wish.

The holiday is about to appoint Mass time, to a maximum of 12 - 11 hours.The main thing that the children do not stay long before dark and had a good time.At the time of the celebration, take the whole initiative not only as a mother but also as a gay "children's clown."Consider everything from the reception to their wires.Better and more fun scenario for this would be the transformation in the fabulous evening gatherings.To do this, you should get the appropriate suit (fairies, the good Queen, etc.).Such a suit you can just sew for itself or to show imagination to do it, wrapped with a cloth on top of the clothes.Reach for it and the Pope, even if only the crown of King clothe.

If you imagine fairy tale character, and do not forget about the miracles.Turn the entire holiday in this tale, and the main way to do this would be competitions and gifts.In the interval between the main and sweet table, or simply when children naedyatsya to maintain a cheerful atmosphere offer them to play a game "Guess and draw" for this you need a lot of drawing paper, markers and knowledge of different children's riddles.Share sheets of paper to each guest, and asked to answer to the riddle is not easy to say, and draw.Just for this, seedlings children in such a position that they could not answer each other's spy.Put forth a particular puzzle, give them time to ensure that they made their drawing-answer and then suggested that everyone would in turn revealed that he came.The winner, the prize itself - a small souvenir or trinket from a magic bag that will be with you.If the answers are the same as in the drawings, there is, on a competitive basis, ask the children to choose the best picture and a bonus to all, as a prize for the promotion of talent, Dari candy from another bag.As you know, your bags should be filled with different contents, a - brac, the other - candy.Here you have a fun competition, which is very pleasant and memorable for children.

How to organize a children's holiday at home?It's not difficult, just remember the main thing myself at the time, when you were as much and only if you really understand what your child wants his birthday.

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