New Year - a family holiday

Many of us, on the eve of the New Year euphoria set in such a problematic issue, how to make a New Year's Eve is not forgotten, and their fundamentals relatives and friends the happiest of this holiday.The answer is simple as ABC, you should definitely try in this case, absolutely every detail thought through New Year's Eve.And if you really feel the warm and festive atmosphere of the New Year one hundred percent.New Year - a holiday family, so how do you react to its preparation depends on the mood of your households, and therefore yours.Because there is nothing better than a happy environment of native people in this magical night.

always worth that to prepare for the celebration of the New Year is in advance.The more time to prepare, the original and colorful you will succeed.On the calendar the first decade of December, do not wait until the number of passes for the twenties.Begin to act now, for giving himself a "start" to prepare.As we have already mentioned above, this is important to consider D

elhi any details.So let's take it from the immediate responsibility and try to think about the holiday together.

So start from the table, or rather his neotemnogo element such as Christmas table cloth.It should be spotless or blemish.Therefore, it is good to wash and to iron.Not worth each year to buy a new tablecloth.To celebrate the next New Year's suit and last year.You can simply refresh it, embroidering her some Christmas picture or apply a festive applications.Keep in mind that the tablecloth should hang down from the table by 15-20 centimeters.By the way, the color of the tablecloth should complement the colors you have chosen napkins.On New Year it should be a contrasting color.This, for example, red in combination with a yellow color.Just very family Christmas table decoration require not a small fantasy and fiction.At the center of the table, you should put a small Christmas decoration in the form of an original and neat Christmas tree branches from an artificial material.Also, do not forget the Christmas candles, they will last a maximum of two pieces.Closer to the center of the table put the oranges and insert them three Bengal fire, which directly come in handy at the time of the battle of chimes.Still, you can wrap foil or colored paper small boxes and put each of them on the note with Christmas wishes or comic predictions.If there is not at hand boxes, then take and stitch of bright cloth bag specifically for this case.Let every member of the family, his in his hand, chooses for itself a leaf with a wish.It's fun to defuse the situation and give a lot of positive.

Christmas tree - a symbol of the holiday, try, what would her outfit was elegant and did not repeat his last year's meaning.By the way, besides the main Christmas tree can be made and an additional mini version, especially for your kids.In this case, the children will cause sea positive emotions so-called "sweet tree".For their production, you will need a piece of cardboard that you need to turn in the form of a cone.Secure with circumcision irregularities its foundation, and eventually glue on the tree with bright candy wrapper.Know your child is sure to appreciate.After all, children's New Year's Eve - a fabulous holiday, so your main task, to do everything possible, what would your child believe in this fairy tale.

Consider how'll deliver your gifts friends and relatives.Remember that any gift, not depending on the price and value, correctly presenting its destination, may be remembered a very long time.To do this, you must give your gift a surprise.Your family will be satisfied with it.Pick and pack all your gifts in colorful wrapping paper, adding it is a lush and big bow, and fold them under their Christmas tree.Each of the gifts, attach a card with the name of the person to whom it is addressed (son, grandmother, grandfather, and so beloved. D.).

Composing New Year's menu, consider all the tastes and preferences of your family.Kids sweet, adults rest.Be here all your culinary talents.Refer to a specialized publication or website.And then, you will certainly pamper their relatives the most exquisite culinary delights, as they are directly in gratitude to you for this, raise the first toast to the New Year, just for you and your efforts.Do not forget also about the culinary ornaments, because the proper execution of food makes it more appetizing.

And, as a result, we note than laboriously you react to celebrate the New Year, the more fun you will meet him and his family.Having tasted the sweetness of your creativity and seeing the joy brought close, you're bound to feel a magician.And let this wonderful feeling never leaves you.But the main thing is not even that.And the fact that you will meet New Year with their closest people who give you their wonderful smile and radiate positive emotions.For these reasons, we can safely say that your family holiday New Year, indeed a success.All in your hands.