What a man can give a woman in the new year?

Gifts are usually divided into different degrees of usefulness: from useless and even annoying at times - and ending with the overarching and arhinuzhnymi.It is important not to miscalculate.Since all people have different tastes, and even more different from the female preference for men's favorite tricks.So the question is: what can a man give a woman in the New Year - as well as possible relevant.And, probably, it is the most relevant for us women than for men themselves.Why is that?Because who but we hints and exhortations "begging" to himself the necessary and important a present for the holiday?And those who do not, perhaps, the most often affected by the fact that their men can not make a good gift for the New Year.

Although, you know, it all depends on how developed your imagination betrothed, how well he knows you and how thick his purse.After all, there are gifts that always hit the target, but the cost is usually some guys bring to the faint and dizzy.You probably already guessed what we say

about the stylish, lovely "trinkets" made of pure gold interspersed with precious stones.Although there may happen punctures - because not every decoration will be enjoyed by women.But there is one important advantage: gold can be melted, sell, exchange, and in the end get what the soul desires.So that the gold - a gift number one in the list of what a man can give a woman in the New Year or any other festival.

However, as we have said, zolotishko not everyone can afford, so let's look at other options show.But we look at them in the key of how to cost us, the girls do hints of unwanted or desired gift.

Avoiding unwanted of gifts?

There is a category of men who believe that all women come to the indescribable delight of different interior details.And so they give a favorite for all holidays ton statues, vases and boxes, millions of scented candles.But even if the girl really likes all these things, then all the love there is a limit - how soon she tired of getting these figures, these candles with fruit fragrances?A natural modesty would not allow to stop a man who has happily set for itself that by presenting all these trinkets, he hits right on target.

So how do you avoid that your young man on New Year will present you in an elegant box that you have, and can not stand?Begin to prepare it in advance to what your tastes are exquisite.If somewhere in the party, you will see something from which you will cover a wave of disgust - make sure that your man, first saw this thing, and secondly, I realized that it is you absolutely do not like.Tell him that you do not want to see in your home - and attentive man is sure to remember.Just do not be silent - not every man is able to guess in the eyes of your preference.Although there are such.So if you think that a man of your dreams will not be able to guess what it looks like a gift of your dreams and, moreover, can give you the thing that will plunge you into a state of shock and depression, the best way to avoid such a gift - to tell him about histhis dislike.Not in the New Year's Eve.

perfect gift for women on New Year

So, what can a man give a woman in the New Year, so much so that not to miscalculate?If the option is not a jewelry man on the shoulder, then he should seriously think about your hobbies and interests of the girl and choose a present already on the basis of these ideas.

girl can easily make a guy brevnoobrazny subtle hint that she would like to see under the Christmas tree.But this will agree, so boring, pragmatically, it is an adult.And on New Year so anxious childhood!Therefore I'd like to believe that our men and we know our preferences.

Among the gifts, which are always useful - a beautiful set of dishes.But there are a few "buts".Firstly, they may already have enough, and to turn the girl's home in a china shop is not unique.Second, we must be able to choose the right design dishes, to suit the color of tiles, bowls beloved cat and garbage bags.Women in fact an ideal and a very demanding taste.

If a woman loves to cook and is known for the virtuosity in this case, you can give her a chic collection of authentic Indian spices - it is sure to be appreciated!From "kitchen desires" can be distinguished more small, but necessary and desired appliances.For example, a juicer or blender.And if she is on a diet - the perfect gift would be a double boiler.

In the case when the girl - smart and handy people can choose any set of creative hands.Embroidery, sewing, knitting, scrapbooking.Or that she's loved.Just do not be stingy, a gift must be of good quality.

Elite alcohol - this is something from which will not give any one person.Drinker, of course.A bottle of expensive liquor will be the best decoration servant girl: she will long stroke coveted swipes, expecting a decent excuse to uncork it.Believe me: a gift and a warm heart, and blood, and will stay for a long time, because the girl did not want to drink this miracle immediately.Well, given the specificity of the New Year, you can buy this beautiful gift.For example, make a "cover" for a bottle in the form of Christmas trees.You can also give a hookah, if a girl likes to smoke "snacks."

But let us for a moment leave all this commercialism!And think about the present, about which dreams of every girl ....

So, the New Year is approaching inexorably ... She hung a week ago at home colored garlands, intricately wrapped all the lanterns, decorated Christmas tree ... and bored.Preparing for the New Year stopped until the moment when the need to prepare the festive table - and the inevitable servitude also makes its contribution to the overall depressed state women.And here he comes, your man, tired and all the snow from work.On the threshold of catches you in his arms, despite the fact that he himself barely standing on his feet ... and then pulls out of his pocket something playfully tied with ribbon.Bah, it's trips to the mountains for New Year !!!Week happy holiday from all the hotel all inclusive.Happiness in fact !!!

Think about it, man, what to give your woman in the New Year?Important: Be careful, surround your soul mate love and care - it will be the best gift for all your long and happy life!

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